Dr. Michael Everest set out to make a difference. From way back in medical school, he strived to change people’s lives, and he has certainly done just that.

He attended Sutton Valence School before moving on to St. Mary’s Medical School. As soon as he became a junior doctor, he treated patients at St. Mary Hospital, Paddington Central Hospital, and Central Middlesex Hospital.

Dr. Michael Everest has worked with some fabulous people throughout his career and achieved some fantastic things, including becoming a consultant physician in hospitals in Kent, Sussex, and Pembury.

His procedures and treatment plans have ensured many people live fruitful lives, and the advancement he saw in the surgical and medical cardiac areas helped shape his approach.

But it wasn’t until his father, Dr. Edwin Everest, passed away in 2008 that he decided to become the Chairman of The Everest Foundation to ensure his father’s legacy continued. The organization operates under the same initiative to this day — “to help people better themselves” — and has paved the way for advanced medical research and more.

What Is Medical Research?

Medical research is an abstract concept for many. But diving into the definition is critical to fully understand how Dr. Michael Everest and his foundation contribute to the advancement of treatments and medications.

It involves studying various fields, including pharmacology, biology, toxicology, chemistry, and more. However, there is a singular goal in mind — to develop new medications, procedures, and treatments or improve existing ones.

Medical research as a whole includes everything from preclinical research to clinical trials.

But Why Is Medical Research Important?

It’s vital for so many reasons. From improving survival rates to diagnosing new diseases to preventing recurrent infections to enhancing the quality of life for those with certain conditions, none of it would be possible without medical research.

And this is where The Everest Foundation takes precedence.

How Is The Everest Foundation Helping Medical Research?

Dr. Michael Everest became the Chairman of this foundation to enhance the pathway for future doctors and medical professionals to improve upon. He aims to solidify the importance of philanthropy and clear directions to graduates in the medical field across the globe.

The non-profit foundation strives to be part of the cure. So, it constantly funds countless research programs that help worldwide medical students open new doors and unlock vital data, all in the name of humanity’s betterment.

It seems as though Dr. Michael Everest, and thus, his charity, was born to pioneer medical change. He understands that being a part of the cure involves including graduates as they are, quite literally, the future of medicine. With the backing of his charity, he helps students and graduates share their passion through connections with top medical universities.

The Everest Foundation Is On a Mission to Change Lives, One Medical Student at a Time

A study showed that one out of ten students does not have access to medical research opportunities. So, Dr. Michael Everest provides them to change this devastating statistic.

The global non-profit is a 501(c)(3) organization encouraging the fast advancement of medical innovation through both education channels and medical research.

But how are they doing this?

The foundation is changing the nature of residency programs and giving funding to specific initiatives. This applies to both hospital and individual projects.

Alongside this, they are providing money to those who require medical research training to ensure the needs of trainees, physicians, scientists, communities, and others are met.

Their more recent initiative, however, is arguably the most exciting. They have enacted The Everest Scholars Program, which supports students and graduates worldwide to connect with high-quality medical schools, hospitals, and individual leaders in the field. The eventual aim of the program is to earn research, rotation, fellowship, and medical residency opportunities that significantly impact medicine’s future.

The Everest Foundation Telephone Angels Program: Companionship For Those Suffering From Critical Illness

2020 saw a worldwide pandemic turn everybody’s lives upside down. But in the face of peril, Dr. Michael Everest and his charity can be counted on — and the Telephone Angels Program certainly didn’t disappoint.

The network of volunteers connects with those facing critical illnesses via cell calls to increase their quality of life and decrease loneliness. Some even go a step further and offer in-person social check-ins.

This program, like all others offered by the foundation, has helped extraordinarily.

Dr. Michael Everest: A Part of The Cure

From prosthetics to research journals, from surgical procedures to medications, Dr. Michael Everest’s foundation’s scholars will undoubtedly become the leaders of the medicine world. Not only will they individually benefit from the dizzying heights of medicinal success, but patients with all kinds of conditions will reap the rewards.

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