Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is not limited to treating health problems or decompressing diving which, if you come to the surface too quickly, it can form oxygen bubbles in the tissues and blood flow. In fact, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also used for preventive purposes, with long-term benefits for good health and a body that is not affected by the signs of aging.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides elasticity to the skin

When we talk about aging, we should not just focus on wrinkles or white hair, given that these signs can be quite easily diminished with the help of cosmetic and beauty procedures. Rather, we need to keep in mind that cells also age, that organs begin to function at limited capacities, and that blood vessels and arteries begin to stiffen. As a result, the heart must make more effort to pump the necessary blood into the body, and the effects are felt in all the activities we carry out.

In addition to the fact that the skin is no longer elastic and becomes wrinkled, the memory will also suffer, and the bones are much more fragile. The truth is that the body is aging, even if in terms of esthetic appearance we can fight against this natural process.

The real gain is when we try to prolong our functioning to the fullest extent of the body, so we can live our lives to the fullest and enjoy all the activities we used to do only a few years ago.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy stimulates collagen production, helping to improve skin elasticity. Also, it promotes the elimination of toxins, supporting the self-healing process of cells. In addition to all these benefits, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has a positive effect on healthy hair growth and can help reduce wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis or cellulite. Even weight loss can be sustained with this procedure.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is recommended for everyone, whether it is women, men, parents or grandparents. Anyone can benefit from cell regeneration, increased oxygen supply in the body, through its rapid transportation to cells with the help of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

A healthy blood circulation helps to maintain a bright appearance of the skin and this is best seen after a workout. Imagine the effect of a hyperbaric oxygen therapy program, which involves several sessions in which oxygen at high purity is inhaled. The therapy takes place in a hyperbaric chamber, specially built, where the internal pressure is increased by up to 2 times compared to the pressure from the external environment. The person doing the therapy puts on a face mask connected to a tank and breathes up to 95% pure oxygen, which quickly reaches every cell of the body.

The effects are immediate and consist in reducing wrinkles, alleviating migraines, disappearing feelings of fatigue or tiredness, but also in easy recovery of wounds or injuries of any kind. Because oxygen is strongly absorbed into the tissues during hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it helps to begin the process of cell regeneration.

How hyperbaric oxygen therapy works?

The air we breathe from the atmosphere contains about 21% oxygen. This means that only certain functions or organs will benefit from this contribution, many areas or tissues of the body being deprived of a beneficial contribution. In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, oxygen at high purity is breathed in, in combination with high atmospheric pressure. This combination causes a beneficial change in the way the body inhales and distributes inhaled air.

In addition, high oxygen levels make absorption no longer dependent on hemoglobin. It is represented by red blood cells and has among other things the role of transporting blood into the cells. With the help of hyperbaric therapy, on the other hand, oxygen is compressed, dissolved and rapidly distributed in the tissues. This is the explanation why the effects are seen almost immediately in the areas that previously faced hypoxia or insufficient vascularization. After hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the body will begin the natural process of self-healing.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy stimulates the collagen production of the skin

Skin tissues are most favored by hyperbaric oxygen therapy because they promote the formation of new collagen. The results affect both the connective tissue, the blood vessels and all the skin cells. The effects are beneficial not only for people who have medical problems, such as burns, grafts or open wounds, but also for those who want to stop the signs of the passing of the years on their face and body.

The way the skin regenerates is quite simple and easy. Basically, healthy cells regenerate and divide again, properly healing the wound. Even though cell recovery can take a long time, the process is a natural one and does not require much help so that the body can function at its maximum capacity, focused on the problem. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy floods the body with high purity oxygen and this helps the muscles and tissues work more efficiently to regenerate.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and increased immunity

Another beneficial effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which can help in the fight against aging, is the strengthening of the immune system. When the body increases its immune power, it can fight against things that attack it from the outside. In this way it becomes healthier and this can be seen even through a bright appearance of the skin.

White blood cells are responsible for killing bacteria, viruses or infections that can attack the body. When they manage to penetrate inside, the body begins to raise its temperature to destroy them. When the body is helped by a massive supply of high purity oxygen, the bone marrow’s ability to produce these cells increases and their function improves. This is mainly due to the improvement of their circulation, as they can travel much faster through the body.

Many people resort to hyperbaric oxygen therapy because it helps them to fight the toxins accumulated in the body. Due to the large amount of oxygen pumped into the body during this procedure, the body will work against toxins circulating in the body and which become dangerous when stagnant. When an area of the body swells, it is usually a sign of the accumulation of toxins.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps to improve blood circulation and the goal is to cleanse toxins and lead them to areas where they will be eliminated from the body. The best example is carbon monoxide poisoning, the effects of which can be eliminated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. When someone becomes intoxicated with carbon monoxide, the oxygen in the body is replaced by it. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works to fill the body with oxygen to an adequate level so that it can survive.

A hyperbaric oxygen therapy session, designed to fight the signs of aging, can last between 60 and 120 minutes. It is recommended to perform several sessions with a higher frequency, at least at the beginning, until the effects begin to appear. Subsequently, sessions may be less frequent, having the role of maintenance. More information on this topic can be found on Oxyhelp INDUSTRY website.

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