Trails Carolina has amazing programs to help teenagers and young adults overcome their personal problems and achieve lasting success. The programs at Trails Carolina are multidimensional so that students get to learn skills and apply them in different scenarios.

Trails Carolina includes numerous wilderness activities to teach reliance and lifelong skills. At the same time, the therapeutic program includes a home base so that skills learned on the trail can be applied in the classroom and everyday life.

Because of the multidimensional programs offered through Trails Carolina, teenagers learn lifelong skills that they can take with them once they graduate from the program.. Furthermore, Trails Carolina’s multidimensional program offers an integrated perspective for lifelong improvement.

About Trails Carolina

Trails Carolina is a leading wilderness therapy program that can help individuals between the ages of 10 and 25 strengthen skills and reduce self-defeating behaviors. Because of Trails Carolina’s outdoor environment, the wilderness setting enhances therapy’s benefits, teaches adaptability, and helps families get involved in the therapy process.

This multidimensional therapy program is located outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Although the wilderness therapy program offers a reclusive setting for self-improvement, the center is complete with social settings, peers, and professionals so that students can apply what they learn outdoors to their everyday lives.

Trails Carolina offers a number of comprehensive wilderness therapy programs that can help your child succeed in all phases of life.

Who Is Trails Carolina For?

Carolina offers an inclusive program for students and young adults. The program provides groups for boys aged 10 to 13, girls aged 10 to 13, boys aged 14 to 17, girls aged 14 to 17, and co-ed aged 18 to 25.

Trails wilderness therapy programs are specifically designed to help students that experience a number of issues, including depression, anxiety, self-esteem, self-harm, suicidal tendencies, gaming obsession, substance abuse, and more.

Through the numerous programs at Carolina, many troubled students can learn how to overcome their self-defeating attitudes for a brighter tomorrow.

Comprehensive Wilderness Therapy

Trails Carolina has a comprehensive wilderness therapy program that includes wilderness therapy, academics, and integration to provide a holistic approach to mental health and other related issues. Because of these amazing programs, teenagers can learn crucial skills for success in and out of the wilderness.

Wilderness Therapy

As you would expect from Carolina, the program includes wilderness therapy that allows teenagers to unplug and connect with themselves and the world around them. By disconnecting from social media and digital devices, teenagers can learn how to trust themselves and let go of harmful thoughts.

This wilderness environment also helps students to learn adaptability and resilience. Because the outdoors are so unpredictable, teenagers can learn how to adapt to new situations in a growth-focused and exciting scenario, equipped with experienced staff who know what they are doing.


Unlike other wilderness programs, It’s offers a more traditional academic experience so that students can learn how to apply what they learn in the wilderness in the classroom. All the while, teenagers don’t fall behind on their academic curriculum.

Carolina helps students see learning with new eyes. By applying strategies learned in the wilderness, the students can approach their academics with less stress and more confidence. More so, Trails Carolina helps meet students where they are to foster more growth and development in the academic realm.

To ensure all students get the best academic experience possible, your child works with certified teachers and an accredited academic program. This experiential classroom helps students learn their own learning styles for success in the classroom.

Integration Programs

Integration is an important part of Trails Carolina. This includes integration with teams, family, and health care professionals. By incorporating integration into all Trails Carolina programs, students experience comprehensive help from all angles.

Family integration is considered one of the most important factors for long-lasting change. To keep the family system integrated into the child’s improvement, you get to experience weekly calls with the student’s therapist, weekly collaborative parent support conference calls,, parent workshops, and more.

Results Focused

Although the Trails Carolina programs may sound experimental, they are quite the opposite. All the programs are driven by outcome data for proven results and positive change.

For example, 86% of students who experienced anxiety saw an improvement in their anxiety symptoms a year after graduation. Likewise, 93% of students had reduced depression symptoms one year after graduation. Most impressively, 98% of students experienced a decrease in their suicidal thoughts in the same span of time.

As the statistics show, wilderness therapy through Trails Carolina works. Because of their results-focused perspective, Trails Carolina can help students learn better ways of approaching life, not just at the center but years after graduation.

Final Thoughts

Trails Carolina offers numerous programs that can help teenagers succeed in life. From wilderness experience to traditional classroom settings, teenagers at Trails Carolina learn critical life skills that they can apply on the trails or at home.

Because of Trails Carolina’s focus on results, you can trust that all of the programs promote growth for the entire family. Even years after your child graduates, the skills your teenager learned on the trails will follow with them the rest of their lives.

Contact Trails Carolina today to see if the wilderness experience is right for your child. The team would be more than happy to help you determine if Trails Carolina is right for your child and family.

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