Many reasons can cause migraines and chronic headaches in people. The common causes include vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, vision changes, and so on. Hence, people in Rockville prefer visiting their neuro expert whenever they feel any of these above-mentioned symptoms. 

Doctors First is a medical institution in Columbia and are famous for its team of neuro experts that can handle all kinds of Rockville migraines and chronic headache issues. They can be your help whenever you feel like you are suffering from a severe headache now and then. Call them now and book an appointment to get yourself checked under the supervision of expert neuro specialists. 

Migraine and Its Causes

Migraine is a severe headache that people suffer from now and then. The pain will be intolerable and can make one escape from their daily routine and just lie down and rest. 

According to the Rockville neuro experts, the common causes of migraine include: 

  • Hormonal fluctuations.
  • Food additives.
  • Strong fragrances.
  • Sleep deprivation, and so on. 

Sometimes an underlying nervous disorder in the central nervous system can also cause severe headaches in people. 

Types of Migraines

Migraine are classified into many types based on their effect on the nervous system. 

  • Classic or complicated migraines

Migraine associated with an aura are considered classic migraine. This condition normally results in making one feel some changes in their vision. 

  • Common migraines

Migraines without an aura are considered common migraines. This type of pain starts slowly and increases gradually. It will last longer and will not allow you to go on with your daily routine. 

  • Migraines within a headache

This is known as a silent migraine and will not cause any pain in the head like the other migraine types. You will feel a kind of sensitivity to light, or even for the sound in this case. 

  • Hemiplegic migraines

This resembles the stroke symptoms and you will feel like a body part is weak or almost paralyzed. Even though it is a temporary symptom, you will feel weakness in your arm, leg, and your face. 

  • Retinal and Icepick migraine

These migraine types will affect the temple or the surrounding region of your eyes. The main symptom, in this case, is blurred vision and stabbing pain in the retinal or temple region. 

The best way of treating migraine problems is by consulting a physician in Rockville as early as possible. They will diagnose the causes of the headache by running some tests and diagnosis based on your symptoms. 

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