There are various healing techniques utilized in Chinese Medicine Singapore treatments, one of the most preferred being acupuncture and tonifying. Because traditional Chinese Medication emphasizes personalized therapy, healing techniques differ widely from client to patient. Nonetheless, acupuncture and tonifying is frequently used due to their flexibility. These approaches commonly include:

Tonifying by massage therapy

  • Massage is the practice of stretching and manipulating your skin, muscle mass, and joints. A service provider utilizes their hands to do this.
  • In TCM, one kind of massage therapy that’s used for tonification is called shiatsu.
  • Shiatsu includes gentle tension, which concentrates on the body’s meridians. This is believed to balance the circulation of qi and encourage self-healing.


Acupuncture is additionally utilized for tonification. The therapy uses thin needles, which are put into certain points on your body’s meridians.

The needles are said to set off energy flow, which aids balance qi.

Acupuncture might additionally be performed in the kind of acupressure. In this therapy, the practitioner uses their hands or thumbs to put force on meridian points. This is likewise thought to rebalance the flow of qi.

What should I anticipate?

Your very first examination will take about 60 minutes. Throughout this session, we will discuss your personal case history in addition to your way of life.

I will collect info on your current state of health and attitude. I will evaluate your tongue and feel your pulse which will reveal your body’s internal problems. I will resolve all your problems and address any concerns you might have.

We believe everyone is unique, so every consultation will be customised. Together, we will deal with any worries you might have on your health and mind.

Based upon the medical diagnosis, I will likewise discuss a therapy plan with you during the first examination. A therapy strategy will offer you an idea as to the feasible length of therapy, regularity or numbers of examinations required, and recommendations on lifestyles and nutritional adjustments.

A treatment plan is necessary for both me and you, so we both have an awareness of the treatment objectives and possible progresses, approximate time frame, expense and what is included.

Other possible practices

  • Acupuncture: Though acupuncture’s roots lie in TCM, it is used as a western therapy for a selection of health concerns.
  • Acupressure: Finger pressure is applied over acupuncture factors and meridians.
  • Cupping treatment.
  • Diet and nutrition: Foods are believed to have warming/cooling properties and are said to have particular recovery qualities.
  • Organic medicine: Herbs and herbal tea might be suggested.
  • Moxibustion: A practice that involves burning a natural herb near the skin to warm up the area over acupuncture factors.
  • Tuina: a kind of bodywork that combines massage and acupressure.
  • Exercises such as tai chi and qi gong.
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