What is Zinc?

Zincis very important for the function of the prostate, the development of reproductive organs, protein synthesis and collagen formation. Zinc also has the function of protecting the liver from Chemical Damage. Seafood, fish and grains are the main food sources of zinc.

Recommended daily intake The recommended daily intake for adults is 15 mg.

Intake and Troubles The

intake of zinc should not exceed 100 mg, otherwise it will reduce the immune system’s resistance. Excessive intake of zinc will also affect the absorption of copper and cause vomiting. Insufficient zinc intake will hinder physical development, reduce appetite, and slow down wound healing.

Foods Rich in Zinc

Oyster 3oz
28 mg
Crab 3oz
3.6 mg
Beef Liver 3oz
5 mg
Lean Beef 3oz
4.4 mg
1/4 Cup Malt
4.7 mg
Almond one Ounce
1.4 mg
Fruits and Vegetables
A Glass of Kale
1.2 mg

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