What Are Amino Acids?

Free form amino acids are the basis of the Nutraceuticals found in the Vaxa Product Line. Remember, they are considered the first and most fundamental Biofactor of all life. So, let us turn our attention to the understanding of what amino acids are and what they have to do with the health and welfare of our body and mind.

As we do so, we will learn that amino acids are of treasured importance to our general health and overall welfare. We will learn how powerful these substances are, and how, without them, life as we know it could not exist.

The Body’s Dependence on Amino Acids

Amino acids are the most important chemical substances known to life – and, indeed, they are the most abundant. Our body has about 20 times more amino acids than vitamins (which are, in fact, particular complex forms of amino acids) and approximately 4 times more amino acids than minerals. They are usually found attached and configured with one another.

Joined together like this, they are called proteins; in fact, amino acids are the essential building blocks of proteins. As proteins, they constitute as much as three-quarters of our body mass, with the exclusion of water.

The pattern of their configuration, i.e., the sequence in which they are arranged, yields a variety of different patterns and structures for some 50,000 different protein-parts of the body. Without amino acids, and all that they do, we could not live.

Thus, It’s are life-sustaining; their supplementation is generally nontoxic, being less harmful than vitamins. They are fundamental food, substances on which all common foods are made, and on which all life relies.

Amino Acids are vital to our HEALTH AND WELFARE. Either in their free form (singlets) or small single-trained peptide chains (couplets), they are the critical substances which govern all life, being the fundamental constituent of all life. They are the crucial substances that allow us to function and exist.


What is the best amino acid supplement?

Amino acid-based supplements, the most powerful natural substances known to life, help promote what is being hailed within the scientific community as the greatest health advantage of our century. And we, here at Vaxa, are proud to play a part, if not help lead, in this activity.

Thankfully, today, because of advanced research and technologies, amino acids are cost-effective to produce for the general public. But just 25 years ago, a small 150 cc bottle (about ½ cup) of an amino acid cost as much as $20,000.00. Because they were so extremely expensive, no one could afford to use them in research or even begin to understand how powerful they were, much less supplement their diet with them.

Yet now, thanks to recent breakthroughs in manufacturing techniques, all of that have changed. Research has demonstrated how powerfully effective they are in governing the body’s welfare. And, like the “computer chip,” amino acids are finally inexpensive enough for the public to buy.

Also, like the “computer chip,” the effectiveness of amino acids will be common knowledge and commonly used IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD IN THE CIVILIZED WORLD. Because of their superior safety and potency, their use will be more common than vitamins and effectively compete with many over-the-counter pharmaceutical remedies for a host of common ailments. So, let us see what all this excitement is about.

For years, the “switching mechanisms” that control brain function have not been known, or at most, poorly understood. Research efforts were directed to other endeavors. And generally, there wasn’t much interest among scientists to explore the area in a more determined manner. Lacking information, all sorts of erroneous ideas were pontificated about how the brain worked. Most theories were grossly wrong.

Despite what common sense would dictate, it was generally assumed that the brain was relatively unaffected by nutrition and subsequent biochemical reactions. It was widely thought that the brain was an organ isolated from the body’s chemistry, and that little could be done to reprogram it. Thankfully, the leading edge of recent research has conclusively demonstrated this to be false.

Indeed, studies in Neuropsychology, as well as Orthomolecular Clinical Psychology, have shown that the brain is not isolated from the rest of the body, a number of techniques can modify that brain function, and further, is continually being altered by its internal and external environments.

Most importantly, we now know that specific dietary input can change particular brain functions. This means that it is possible to reprogram brain function by the specific foods we choose or do not choose to eat.

The greatest power of change has been found possible through the addition of nontoxic, concentrated free form amino acid supplements to our diet. This has been shown to be more effective than simply changing the kinds of food we eat; simply correcting dietary deficiencies proved practically ineffective in securing immediate results.

Through correct amino acid supplementation, we can change the way our mind works, and consequently, affect our body’s metabolism. This is, indeed, exciting.

Amino acids direct and allow the growth and reproduction of bone and tissue throughout the body. They control pathways that allow growth hormones to be released, allowing us to keep our youthful figures, remain muscularly toned, and keep us looking young. They expedite and ensure natural healing processes as well as regulate and enhance our sexualities.

Amino acids are the primary substance of all genetic material, their existence being necessary for cell division, duplication, and reproduction. They are the primary constituent of our muscles, our hair, our skin, and every fiber of our body. They aid in the feeling of well-being, stabilize mood fluctuations, and even make possible the inhibition of pain. They are intimately involved in whether we feel hungry or not, sleepy or not, sad or not.

Amino acids are also intimately involved in the metabolism of hormones and hormone excretion. Their presence and activity are mandatory for any glandular activity associated with the process of cellular rejuvenation. In their proper proportions, they allow youth to be prolonged. When the correct amino acids are not present, cells die and are not replenished. For you see, the poverty of it is never tolerated long by the body; there are always consequences.

Unavoidably, the Immune System becomes compromised, and then aging is accelerated. Indeed, without the necessary amino acids, life cannot reproduce itself and grinds to a halt. Consequently, we become older before our time. Indubitably, if correction is not made, life fails.

Without an abundant supply of amino acids, life cannot support itself. It’s easy to see, therefore, that procuring the necessary amino acids is an essential and indispensable prerequisite for good health and sustained beauty. Nothing can take their place.

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