Common Symptoms Of UTI

UTI stands for Urinary Tract Infection. This infection is in any of the four parts of your urinary system such as your Kidney, Bladder, Ureters, and urethra. More women are likely to get these infections as compared to men. This infection can start as a basic infection that can be treated easily by eating antibiotics to a very severe infection that needs more serious care and treatment to be cured with Common Symptoms Of UTI. 

Causes of UTI 

The urinary tract infection is a result of harmful bacteria that effects any of the organs of the urinary system. Different types of bacteria can cause these infections such as Escherichia coli (E. coli) and cystitis, cystitis is a result of sexual intercourse and because of functioning and the structure of the vagina most women are likely to be affected by this sort of bacteria and catch urinary tract infection.

Common Symptoms Of UTI as stated earlier different organs can catch this infection and depend on which part of the urinary system has the infection our symptoms change.

1) Infection In The Kidney

If your kidney is the organ that has caught the infection you can feel and experience different sensations in your body which will give you the hint that your body is not functioning properly.  First of all, you will suffer from severe pain in your upper back and sideways as well. Other than that you will suffer from nausea and high fever which will cause your body to feel chilly and you will experience shaking in your body along with vomiting.

2) Infection In The Bladder

Infection in the bladder will have different symptoms and affect your body in different ways. The first thing you will notice is pressure in your pelvic and pain or irritation in the lower abdomen. After that, while you urinate you can notice that there is blood in your urine and it gets difficult and painful to urinate.

3) Infection In The Urethra

The symptoms of infection in the bladder and urethra are quite similar. Infection in the urethra also leads to discomfort or pain while urinating, urination becomes irritating and gives a burning sensation as well. Along with this, you can see that there is a discharge coming from your vagina which can be alarming.

Home Remedies to Treat UTI

Urinary tract infection is something that is very common among women and there are various ways in which this infection can be treated at home. Or precautionary measures can be taken beforehand to reduce the risk of getting the infection. These things include

1 Hydrating yourself, drinking lots of water will help you hydrate your urinary system and will help you urinate more often which is good for your urinary system.
2. Reducing your intake of caffeine and alcohol. These two fluids can irritate your bladder hence you should avoid them as much as possible.
3. Cleaning your genital area, keeping your genital area clean and washed is something that is absolutely necessary and important.
4. Avoiding tampons, it is recommended that women wear sanitary pads while mensuration rather than tampons because these tampons are a safer option if you want to avoid getting an infection in your urinary system 

When Is It The Right Time To Visit A Doctor?

When you notice any of these UTI Symptoms is recommended that you visit a doctor immediately because if you don’t pay attention to these symptoms there is a chance that the infection can grow and result in something that is going to be more damaging and harmful for your urinary system and lead to more serious illness in the future.

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