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DHT Blockers And How It Is Involved With Hair Loss

What are DHT Blockers?

DHT is known as Dihydro-testosterone the main culprit when it comes to significant hair loss. Now you must be wondering what really is DHT and why it plays such a huge role in hair loss, as substantial as that doctors have researched and found out that DHT Blockers plays a significant role in androgen induced alopecia. It is the disorder where mostly men lose significant hair slowly as they are getting older. 

So, now what really DHT Blockers is? DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone, which is an androgen. Androgens are the sex hormones which is known to be contributing to the development of male sex characteristics. It has a say in body hair, but it can also make you lose your body hair faster than you can imagine. There is where the DHT Blockers