What are DHT Blockers?

DHT is known as Dihydro-testosterone the main culprit when it comes to significant hair loss. Now you must be wondering what really is DHT and why it plays such a huge role in hair loss, as substantial as that doctors have researched and found out that DHT Blockers plays a significant role in androgen induced alopecia. It is the disorder where mostly men lose significant hair slowly as they are getting older. 

So, now what really DHT Blockers is? DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone, which is an androgen. Androgens are the sex hormones which is known to be contributing to the development of male sex characteristics. It has a say in body hair, but it can also make you lose your body hair faster than you can imagine. There is where the DHT Blockers come. It blocks the over-stimulation of the DHT and thus has control over the significant hair loss. 

What does DHT Blockers do?

Dihydrotestosterone is the androgen that is derived from testosterone, which is a hormone. It is present in both women and men, but man has the value of DHT more in them, hence why they suffer more with androgenic alopecia. Not only that, but this hormone contributes a lot in;

  • Thickening of the voice in the males.
  • Plays a role in sperm production, genitalia, and scrotum. 
  • It has a significant hand in hair loss and hair growth, as well as muscle mass. 

As time passes, and you are getting older, testosterone, especially in men, converts into DHT, which can play a significant role in hair loss. Once the testosterone is free to go in the bloodstream, it affects the follicles of the hair and makes it weak and shrinking it. Hence, the hair loss and balding, which makes people get DHT blockers to ward off the significant hair loss. 

DHT Blockers 

A DHT blocker is a thing that will reverse the side effects the DHT hormones overproduction did to your hair. It will restore the optimum level of DHT in your body, so It won’t affect your hair in a negative form or way. They won’t totally stop your hair loss magically all at once, but once you take them consistently, you will see a massive difference in your hair fall.

Add them to your diet in any form you feel comfortable in. DHT blockers will slowly but surely shrink and constrict your hair follicles, so the hair fall will completely stop once they have kicked it.

What you have to do once you start taking DHT Blockers in, you need to start taking care of your hair. Oil them thoroughly and twice, and trice not only are you getting your hall fall treated. But you are also making them luscious, shin, thick and volumizing. 

DHT Blockers Types

You will find a lot of DHT Blocker forms in the market. You can choose whatever you are comfortable getting in. all these types and forms of DHT blockers work the same. These blockers come in medicine form, shampoo and conditioner form, hair oil forms, and even in supplement forms. If you are confused and have questions about getting the DHT, always consult your health care professional as they know your body and what will suit you better. 

No matter how DHT Blockers work better on hair fall, they also come with some side effects. So, it is better to be aware of those side effects before you start taking them. This is everything you need to know about DHT blockers before you choose these for yourself and treat your hair fall.

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