A drug test is a medical examination to determine the presence of a drug substance or its components in your body system. It involves testing the biological specimens, including blood, urine, saliva, hair, or breath. You may require a Drug Testing when joining specific fields of employment or states.

Calvary Urgent Care offers accurate drug screening to address all your concerns. The Humble drug testing specialists ensure to provide efficient care and produce your results as quickly as possible. If your new employer or any other party asks for a drug test, do not hesitate to contact Calvary Urgent Care. You can call their offices right away to book your appointment or visit them in Humble, Texas.

Reasons for drug testing

Drug testing is applicable in various situations, including:

  •       After an accident has occurred. The transportation department may perform Drug testing to determine drug or alcohol use on the affected persons.
  •       Employment application process. Employers use drug testing before giving employment to avoid hiring individuals on drugs or alcohol use.
  •       To follow up on persons that have been in rehabilitation for drug intake. Drug testing ensures patients do not fall back to drugs.

Drug testing in workplaces is beneficial for both employers and employees for reasons such as

  1. To promote productivity

Employees on drugs may have low work output, decreasing work productivity, which may harm the employer’s business. Testing employees is helpful to maintain work productivity and achievements.

  1. For safety

Individuals on drugs present a high risk of harming themselves, other employees, and even the public. It may form a bad image for your company, in turn affecting sales and your business. Drug testing ensures the workplace is healthy and safe for everyone.

  1. To grow a healthy community.

Drug testing in various areas of employment, including drivers, medical workers, among other fields, encourages the creation of a safe environment, institutions, and the whole region.

  1. Reduces overall drug use

Employees are unlikely to take drugs when they are aware of drug testing in the company. Enhancing the testing policy in the company ensures employees do not use drugs or stop using them if they were in the process.

  1. Improve work environment

Drug-taking employees may not appear on their best behaviors or even their dress code and cleanliness, making the workplace unpleasant. It may also cause a loss of focus and inspiration. Ensuring your employees are drug-free will help create a peaceful and productive environment.

  1. Cuts on medical costs

Drug abusers obviously will have higher medical expenses than others, resulting from injuries they have caused or other medical complications resulting from their drug use. Drug testing will help you as an employer save on such costs.

In conclusion, drug testing is quite critical in workplaces as it benefits both the employer and the employees, promoting quality work, improved and better working relationships, and overall safety.

Calvary Urgent Care is here to partner in ensuring peaceful and productive workplaces if you are looking to have a drug test. They offer 10-panel drug screen tests and guarantee to deliver results in a short while. Schedule your consultation today by calling or booking online.

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