Universal principles of life

Principles in life Creating true health to the prevention of illness is really about making a Life. In health, there is no disease, just as in trust there is no worry, in peace, there is no confusion, in love, there is no hate, and so in health, there is no disease. We need not try to correct unfavorable conditions; we only need to build real health.

The principles of life and health are the same. Health and Life are not separate issues; they are two parts of the same fabric, one set of principles that govern both. How we feel about ourselves directly affects our health. Health is not just about your body. It is about YOU! We are more than ‘the body.’ The body is the smallest part of the equation of health, but because we live in a physical world (and are all caught up in it) we tend to focus primarily on this component of health. We relate all to do with health, with the body and not with the other dimensions of who we are – soul and spirit.

When it comes to issues of health, changing, and maintaining a healthful way of feeding the body seems to be the major challenge for most people. Sticking to a lifetime of healthy eating and living looks to elude most of us. Making such a change and maintaining it is not a physical issue, but a mental/emotional one. It is not about changing what we put on our plates or into our mouths. It is about changing our perspective on our Life. It is about gaining a new respect for ourselves and an appreciation for the Life we have been blessed with. It’s not so much about what foods we should eat and which ones to avoid. It is about how one feels about themselves and what they want out of Life.

Most of us have not recognized that the choices and decisions that we make, which will directly affect our lives are based upon how we feel about ourselves. And until we change at this level, making the appropriate dietary adjustments for Life will not last. It’s only short-lived until we feel better in our bodies. Then slowly and almost unconsciously, we begin to drift back into our old patterns and habits.

When we feel great about ourselves and our Life, when we believe in and appreciate ourselves because Life has meaning and purpose, we no longer have to TRY to eat and live right, we WANT to. The self-destructive lifestyle and diets that most of us unconsciously engage in becoming more apparent to us, and we no longer want to live that way. Such traits of character and the mental/emotional disturbances that come from not having them in order have more negative effects on our health than eating a bad diet. They cause more physiological/neurological imbalances than is realized by most.

Now, trying to change to a healthy lifestyle for Life without this internal change always seems to be a constant struggle to keep up with. It requires such super discipline, doesn’t it? But when the change comes from the inside, the adjustment and the maintenance of it becomes effortless and even a pleasure.

We ought to spend more time being aware of and consciously working on self than on the physical components of health (diet/exercise/rest, etc.). Yes feeding the body well, regular exercise and adequate rest are imperative to optimizing health, but recognizing our worth and developing a healthy image of our self is FAR more important, and is, in fact, a prerequisite to superior health.

We all must take the time for introspection, reflection, and renewal of the mind. What’s more, developing oneself in these areas is also what it takes not only to have superior health but to maximize Life and the hidden potential we all have to succeed in every area of Life. It is a win-win approach. The focus is not the struggle to eat right; the focus is … why am I getting out of my bed each day for? Where am I going with this Life of mine? Am I just living to work, and working to live like most? Do the opinions of others and what others think of me carry more weight than my own? Yes, the focus is why am I living my Life; where am I going, and who do I want to become? It’s about what kind of difference you want to make in your corner of the world?

If you took a minute to think, would you agree that you (like most – including myself) do display self-destructive behaviors in aspects of diet and lifestyle? We do things and eats things that we KNOW are not good for our health? Things that, in all honesty, we would rather not do – Do we not like our self?

The sad truth with MOST of us is that subconsciously we do not like who we are. We have poor self-images! That’s why this world has more followers than leaders. That’s why so many of us want to look and behave like someone else rather than who we are (most of us do not even know who we are). That’s why we change our hair color, eye color, nails, etc., and would spend thousands on outer appearances alone. All to compensate (unintentionally) for what we lack internally.

We can have more years ahead of us than what we have already lived. The question is, what QUALITY of Life do we want to have? We hold the deck of cards in our hands. Sometimes because the world conditions us to a victim mentality, we just don’t realize that we are actually in control. We are all in the driver’s seat.

Where we are today is just the total of the choices and decisions we have made in the past. Where we will be in the future will depend entirely upon the choices and decisions we make today. The choices and decisions we make in every area will depend on what we believe in Life. What we believe will depend on knowing who we are, our purpose for going about our lives and where we want to go with it. Life happens NOW; if we are caught up in bondages of the past, we will be weak in the present. If we are weak in the present, what will our future be?

Some Health Tips:

The foundational key is always DIET, one that is compatible with individual biochemistry for optimum biological balance. This MUST include large amounts of plant-based foods (greens, salads, other vegetables, and fruit).

We should also consume LOTS of water (10-12 glasses a day) crucial for superior health and the efficiency of ALL metabolic (life-sustaining) pathways. The most important nutrient for the body!

Reduce your intake of animal products (meats, dairy) use only fish, turkey, soy foods and grains & legumes for protein.

For carbohydrate foods, stick to low glycemic index ones – they are better for more long-term energy, weight, and reduced risks of disease (visit www.trendhealth.org to understand more).

Upon such a foundation, we will add a consistent exercise routine. This is a MUST for optimizing health. There are tremendous benefits to exercise as far are enhancing ALL metabolic pathways and reducing risks for degenerative disease. Just give this a try for two weeks, and we will see the difference it will make in our health, weight, and overall well-being even though it is not a long time.

Nutrition plays a vital roll in neurological (brain) function and is often deficient in most people. WHO statistics reveal that 65% of western populations are hungry, and we degenerate prematurely because 70-75% of the foods consumed are unnatural (processed, refined, denatured).

Do not eat protein and starches together!

This rule applies to animal protein and starches, not vegetable protein. It takes a series of digestive acids (pepsin, hydrochloric acid, etc.) to break down protein, and a series of alkaline (ptyalin, maltase, etc.) to break down starch (carbohydrates). When these acids and alkalis are combined, they neutralize each other. The result is improper digestion, which results in undigested food fermenting in the intestines creating physiological toxins in the body and excess proteins in the bloodstream, which can cause many problems.

Do not eat fruits and vegetables together!

Fruits are more cleansers while vegetables are more builders. This combination does not go well together, just like trying to keep a house clean while trying to build it at the same time. It would not be effective. Tomatoes are a fruit and an exception to this rule.

Do not eat sweet and acid fruits together!

These two categories of food repel each other. For example, do not eat bananas with grapefruit, oranges with raisins, tangerines with prunes, etc. There is no exception to this rule. Always eat melons alone!

Do not eat any kind of fruit with protein or starches!

Fruit sugars are absorbed quickly into the intestines while proteins require a much longer time for digestion in the stomach. When eaten together, the fruit sugars are held back in the stomach at 104 degrees while protein is being digested. When this happens, you can count on your food rotting.

Do not drink while eating!

You should drink ½ hour before meals or 1 hour after. This common practice of drinking with meals that we have learned through tradition is a major contributor to impaired digestive processes over time. This practice will dilute digestive juices and cause food to be improperly digested. We should also NEVER eat and then lie down to rest/sleep with food in our stomach. This weakens digestive processes over time!

To Remove Agricultural Chemicals:

Add 4 Tbs. of Hydrogen Peroxide to ½ kitchen sink of water and let vegetables soak – 15 minutes for leaves and 20-30 minutes for hard vegetables. Optionally you may use the product “F.I.T.” available in supermarkets.

Dr. David Homer N.D., C.N.C., is a Doctor of Naturopathy, a Certified Nutritional Counselor, and the Paramedical Director of the inner Life Wellness Center. An organization dedicated to helping empowering individuals to live more responsibly in every area of Life. To optimize health, maximize Life, and prevent disease by guiding individuals toward naturally restoring balance and harmony within.

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