Phosphorus is a biotech company that uses genomics to improve human health. Their genetic tests have helped many people avoid diseases and live healthy lives. The Phosphorus team observed that access to genetic testing and its application in medicine is minimal.

In the United States, a small number of the population base their health decisions on genetic testing. Therefore, the Phosphorus Company addresses the health, social and technical constraints that prevent people from using this technology.

Why It Was Started

The founder of Phosphorus had worked in the field of reproductive genetics before starting this company. Through experience, he discovered challenges posed by a lack of accessibility and medical policies in genetics science. There were also technical limitations of tests that had developed years ago that his team could overcome.

Phosphorus Diagnostics developed a medical genetic test that could well understand monogenic diseases, drug responses, and genetic mutations. The company could, therefore, guide either intervention control or care.

They build a test called Phosphorus One with over 400 genes and later included experts to be involved in the process. They now have physician authorization, genetic consultation, and sign off available to all U.S. citizens that order the test.

Genetic Testing Knowledge

It is a challenge to get people to understand and use genetic testing. However, individuals are starting to know they can use genetic testing to predict their medical future. Recently, the company has had increased requests from medical institutions and patients.

The company also gets inquiry requests on genetic testing. Phosphorus has partnered with genetic counseling companies and top genetic therapists in the U.S. The partnership has allowed education first approach when providing testing.

How Is Phosphorus Different From Its Competitors

There are different segments in which companies exist. Few companies offer the standard of medical insight that Phosphorus offers. Companies that utilize genetics for medical purposes function as reference labs and rely on physician referrals. Phosphorus Genomics genetic testing provides proactive measures.

Currently, most organizations do not use this technology proactively. The company’s business model works with advanced providers to help educate professionals who ultimately inform patients. Phosphorus also ensures genetic testing access to consumers, and that is what makes the difference.

Phosphorus in the Future

One possible prediction is the providers joining the testing field. This act will go a long way in getting more people tested. More than 50% of Phosphorus company business is technology licensing. In the future, they will allow the use of their genetic testing technology, software, chemistry in pathology labs.

Phosphorus will also incorporate fertility clinics and specialty practices. The company will also help build genetic testing labs. The purpose is to educate physicians on how to improve their patient care beyond what their competitors are doing. Having hospital labs and the private sector incorporate genetics into their daily practices will be a significant milestone.

The long term goal of the Phosphorus Company is to see a world where genetic testing is readily available to anyone as a tool in primary care, to predict disease.

The decision of whether to have a genetic test is sensitive and crucial. Choosing to do this test could save your life and that of a loved one. Test results provide a sense of relief from uncertainty. It also helps people make decisions about managing their health care. Phosphorus is your go-to company for genetic testing.

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