If both couples want permanent contraception, Ligation Surgery is the best method. Both men and women can undergo ligation.

The male vas deferens or the female fallopian tube is tied up or broken through surgical operation, so that the sperm or eggs cannot meet, achieving the purpose of permanent contraception.

Male ligation surgery is a relatively simple minor operation. Only local anesthesia is applied to the scrotum. The vas deferens on both sides are ligated or cut off with an operation, and the operation is completed.

Female ligation can be divided into abdominal ligation with local anesthesia and laparoscopic ligation with general anesthesia. Both are to find both fallopian tubes, then ligate or cut off, or add small loops or small clips to the tubes.

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Advantages of Ligation Surgery

In principle, ligation can achieve the purpose of Permanent Contraception. Unintended pregnancy is only a rare case.

Disadvantages of Ligation Surgery 

The ligation operation requires a doctor’s examination and operation, and once the vas deferens or fallopian tube is broken, it may not be able to reproduce, so it is not suitable for couples who are hesitant.

Contraception reliability: ** (5** is the highest)

Convenience :

Matters needing attention

Since ligation surgery can lead to permanent contraception, both spouses should let each other know and agree beforehand, and take full consideration. 

Ligation surgery is only a simple minor operation at present. It does not require hospitalization and does not affect daily life; it will not affect sexual performance after the operation.

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