No matter young people or adults, they may have some experience with masturbation but they are still puzzled about one aspect: Is masturbation harmful to the body?

Many people believe that masturbation can cause harm to the body and can lead to Erectile Dysfunction, including Premature Ejaculation, impotence, and coldness. Some men believe that only a certain amount of semen is stored in a person ’s life. Too much masturbation means “nothing left”, resulting in infertility, so they love and fear of it.

Masturbation: a natural matter

However, the above-mentioned harm to the body by it has no medical basis. This is the easiest way to vent se xual desire. Everyone develops mature se xual organs since puberty and begins to have se xual desire. They will stimulate the se xual organs with hands or other objects to bring about orgasm or ejaculation.

Masturbation has become a normal way to solve se xual desire. Of course, it is not the only way to solve se xual desire. As long as you do n’t take too much and pay attention to safety, this is normal and healthy, and it will not cause any harm.

What is too much masturbation?

The number of masturbation varies from person to person, depending on the individual’s age, physique, and se xual needs. Normally, as long as you are not overly obsessed with it, making you tired and weak, affecting your daily routine, the number of masturbation will not be a problem.

Pay attention to safety when masturbating. It is important

to note that if you like to stimulate masturbation with foreign objects, you need to be careful not to hurt your body. If you use improper force or unclean objects when masturbating with objects, men may injure the pe nis and cause inflammation, while women may injure or block the vagina or urethra.

Get the Facts About Masturbation Health

It is usually called masturbation, which means the act of stimulating the pe nis with the hand. No matter which method is used, masturbation is not harmful to health as long as it does not feel pain or injury.

For adult men, masturbate usually ends after ejaculation. After ejaculation will bring about orgasm, at this time, the body will feel strong and happy. With appropriate se xual fantasies, the pleasure of masturbation can be compared with real se xual intercourse. There are many ways for men to masturbate, including the following six methods.

1. Piston type

Hold the pe nis with your fingers and repeat the piston movement, which is the most common among all masturbation methods.

2. Pressing type The

The most sensitive parts of the pe nis are the glans and the groove-like part underneath. Press and rub these parts with your fingertips.

3. Pressing the

body lying on the bed, pressing the pe nis on the bed or pillow, at this time the waist up and down to make a se xual position.

4. Mixed type

means to mix the aforementioned methods to masturbate.

5. Extensive method

This method not only stimulates the pe nis, but also stimulates other parts that can stimulate excitement, for example, the right-hand pe nis is engaged in the piston movement, and at the same time, the nipple is rubbed with the left hand to make it stimulating. Various types of masturbation.

6. Prop-assisted type

This is a method of masturb that requires the use of aids. For example, spray the pe nis with warm water, or wrap the pe nis with a towel to increase the friction.

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