I often hear a lot about the treatment of low back pain, among which swimming is the most popular. Does swimming have the effect of healing and preventing back pain?

How do I prevent lower back pain when swimming?

The causes of low back pain are complex, and the most common cause is strained low back pain, which is caused by the patient’s long-term stress on the waist in daily life, such as long-term bending. But before the waist began to ache, one of them was often overlooked.

This is the original tissue to prevent these pressures-the muscles of the body. If we become strong muscles, the middle can bear more strength, and the risk of injury or stress can also be overcome.

The function of swimming is to be able to exercise muscle strength in the water, and can also use the buoyancy of the water to soothe the joints that are usually compressed, of which the waist is the most obvious; in addition, you can also do some actions that cannot be done on land when swimming.

Swimming is a good opportunity to move the waist bones. Consequently, from the viewpoint of Preventing Low Back Pain alone, swimming is surely a great exercise to prevent back pain.

Friends who have back pain may wish to take some time every week to enjoy the fun of swimming while staying away from the attack of back pain.

Low back pain refers to the pain between the left upper abdomen or the right upper abdomen and the back. Low back pain can be caused by internal and surgical diseases.

Symptom analysis Back Pain

  • Low back pain is accompanied by the inability to bend over and thigh pain, which is seen in the lumbar push plate protrusion.
  • Low back pain is accompanied by hematuria, seen in kidney stones.
  • Low back pain, accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, seen in urinary tract infections.

Instant treatment

Bed rest, drink plenty of water and see a doctor immediately.

Can swimming help with lower back pain?

As we all know, is swimming good for sciatica, a very beneficial systemic exercise. It turns out that it is also very effective in treating rheumatic pain and alleviating the disease. Why does swimming have such a “magic effect”?

The so-called rheumatic pain refers to the chronic inflammation in the joints, which is often related to degeneration and change, so it is easy to cause joint stiffness and decreased muscle strength. So arthritis is getting worse.

To solve Chronic Joint Pain for a long time, we should start with increasing muscle strength and moving joints, and continuous Exercise can best achieve this goal. Among many sports, swimming has the most significant effect in this respect, the main reasons include:

  1. The weight of a person is more than half offset by the buoyancy of the water in the water, the pressure on the joints is greatly reduced, and the movement is particularly relaxed.
  2. The speed and magnitude of the activities in water can be completely controlled by the practitioner, so there is no need to worry about the situation where there is more than enough energy.
  3. The resistance to swimming all comes from the movement of hands and feet to pull water and kick the water. The impact force is extremely small, and it will naturally not hurt the joints. Moreover, he floats in the green waves, and has a large range of hand and foot movements, and can practice some movements that are difficult to do on the ground.

Based on the above points, swimming is indeed a very good healthy exercise. In addition, if you continue to participate in sports, your mood will become cheerful and happy, which will be more beneficial to some patients with chronic diseases.

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