Caring for your Hair Growth takes a lot of time and dedication. Regardless of the effort put in, you could still experience issues like thinning edges, balding spots, and even full-blown Alopecia. Losing hair could be caused by sickness, drug reaction, etc. And often, hair loss is a significant concern for most people.

Hair growth stimulators help with hair loss and have become very common today. Scalp stimulation can come in different forms, but they have the same benefits: increased blood flow in the scalp, healthy hair development, strengthening of your hair, and several others. 

This article will show you 5 proven stimulators that are beneficial for hair growth.

5 Stimulators for Hair Growth

To have healthy hair, you need a healthy scalp. The following hair growth stimulators help make your scalp conducive for increased hair growth.

Laser Treatment

Scientists have come up with technology proven to stimulate hair care on the scalp called Low-Level Light Therapy. Laser hair therapy makes use of medical-grade lasers, which release safe, low-level laser light to your scalp, which is then absorbed by your hair follicles. This increases blood circulation and distributes blood supply and nutrients to your strands.

You can use these devices at home, in a salon, or a clinic. Furthermore, males and females can make use of laser treatment. The laser cap has been clinically tested and is sure to give you your desired hair results.

Scalp massages

Massaging your scalp encourages hair growth and re-growth. A typical scalp massage requires you to apply gentle pressure to your scalp with your fingertips only. However, thanks to technology, there are scalp massaging devices that mimic this function of your fingertips on your scalp.

How a scalp massage works is that it stretches the hair follicles; when this happens, the follicles get stimulated to produce thicker hair. Several research and studies have proven that scalp massages indeed stimulate hair care, including those suffering from Alopecia. Another research shows that scalp massages help dilate blood vessels found beneath the scalp, thus encouraging hair growth.

Essential Oils

For rapid hair care, you should consider applying essential oils to your hair. These are some of the best oils for hair growth stimulation below.

Peppermint Oil

When it penetrates the scalp, it stimulates the hair follicle, thereby allowing more oxygen production. More oxygen produced in the follicle gives your hair the boost it needs to grow.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is known to have antibacterial characteristics. These properties keep the scalp clean and open up the pores on the scalp. Lavender oil helps to reduce issues like excessive dandruff, which prevents hair care. You could use it for deep conditioning or as a rinse.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has cleansing, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties important in hair care. This essential oil helps unclog your hair follicles and increases hair growth. You can also add Minoxidil to tea tree oil for more potency.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is very famous for its scalp and hair stimulating properties. Rosemary oil promotes blood circulation in your scalp, thereby assisting with issues like thinning and balding. You could try diluting rosemary oil with jojoba oil for increased effectiveness.

Hair Supplements and Vitamins

Hair growth supplements support hair structure and growth. They could also help to provide moisture to the scalp. When you take an oral supplement, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Once there, the supplements nourish all cells concerned, including your hair follicles. 

For your hair to thrive, the supplements and vitamins you need are Vitamins A, C, D, and E, the B-vitamins, iron, zinc, protein, collagen, and biotins. 

As you choose your hair supplements, be sure to study the ingredients to know if it is best for you. It is also essential to talk to your doctor before using any to prevent any interference with any medication you may currently be on.

Onion Juice

Onions are very helpful in hair growth. Its high sulfur content is highly effective in stimulating and increasing blood circulation in the scalp. The sulfur from onions also helps to promote collagen production. Collagen helps you produce healthy skin cells and supports hair growth.

Onion juice is also known to restore luster and shine to your hair. It can prevent premature graying of the hair and treat dandruff, inflamed dry and itchy scalp, thinning hair, etc.

Onion juice may not necessarily cure alopecia, but it can help stimulate the growth of your hair.


From scalp massage to laser treatment, the hair growth stimulators discussed not only hasten the growth of your hair but also give you healthy hair. Get ahead of your hair loss and get started on your hair care journey ASAP!

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