Water Weight Loss  is nothing but drinking more quantity of water to lose weight. This is one of the safest ways of losing weight. Take 2 cups of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner are helpful in reducing weight.

What Happens in Water Weight Loss?

What happens actually in water weight loss is that when a person drinks water before a meal will help in the reduction of his appetite. With this reduction of appetite, less calorie intake takes place, which in turn leads to slightly more calories to burn than usually burn. Thereby, results in loss of weight take place.

This is one popular trick, which a person on a diet can follow without any fear. This is also a useful tip for people facing the problem of binge eating. As tummy is partially filled with water, it will automatically reduce the urge for heavy food intake. It is known to say that a person can shed more weight by drinking more water.

Water weight loss not only involves drinking water but also consists of the consumption of water-rich fruits and vegetables. This will help effectively in the management of water.

Drink 8 Glasses of Water – Is it effective?

Along with water weight loss, almost all weight loss programs tell to drink more water, at least 8 glasses of water daily. It is has been proved by some studies that drinking more glasses of water in a day will speed up the procedure of losing weight.

It is drinking more glasses of water directly related to an increase in metabolism rate. It increases the rate at which the calories are burned. It nearly increases the burning of calories by 25 to 30%. However, this increase in the rate of calorie burning varies between men and women.

A study has stated that a person will burn nearly 17000 to 18000 more calories than usual by consuming one and a half-liter of water in a day.

Drinking-Water vs. Drinking Beverages

It is always better and healthy to replace beverages with water. We all know that drinks these beverages will only add up more and more calorie intake resulting in obesity. So, replacing these beverages with stop, this adding more and more calories and also involves burning more calories than usual.

There is even criticism regarding this weight loss as there are few types of research that are made pertaining to the issue. Researchers say that moderate consumption of water is healthy and even result in weight loss, but excess consumption of water can result in water intoxication.

This water weight loss will speed up the process of weight loss and had shown more effective results among people of middle and older age. But, it has also shown some effect on younger people.

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