Are you struggling to lose weight, even after trying diets and exercises? Nova Physician Wellness Center is here to assist you in effective Weight Loss Counseling techniques. Weight loss is a personal decision that requires consistency, hard work, and patience. It is never an easy process, especially where there are no visible results. Sometimes the experience can be heartbreaking and discouraging. Nova Physician Wellness Center understands the process.

Hence, they choose to walk with you every step of the way until you achieve your desired results. The Fairfax weight loss counseling specialists provide you with the most effective weight loss techniques and guides you through them. They also offer advice on the proper nutrition and diet to help you achieve the best results. Visit them today to get started on your weight loss journey.

What is Weight Loss Counseling?

Weight loss counseling monitors your weight management review by identifying emotional and mental health factors that may interfere with your weight loss goals. Adapting new behavior, understanding, and concepts about food and exercise can be your breakthrough to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

At Nova Physician Wellness Center, Dr. Suri ensures your weight loss programs’ success by combining various behavioral techniques for excellent results. He provides personalized care, including Aerobic exercise plans, nutrition goals, and medical and physical exams.

The process begins with extensive consultation with Dr. Suri where you share and discuss your eating habits, your view about food, and nutrition knowledge. The knowledgeable specialist intends to find out the behaviors that may cause your weight loss failure.

What are trigger foods?

Trigger foods are types of food that cause you to overeat. They promote cravings and an emotional link to that specific food. Dr. Suri helps you control these trigger foods using creative methods such as replacing them with nutritious foods, minimizing their supply from your home, and creating techniques to avoid them at social gatherings.

How do you benefit from Weight Loss Counseling?

Weight loss counseling has many benefits, including

  • It helps you to preliminary schedule and arrange for food and shopping.
  • It reminds you of your reason to lose weight, giving you a definite zeal to improve your weight and health.
  • Dr. Suri walks with you in your journey, motivating you to keep going to achieve your set goals.

During your first appointment, the team of nutritionists provides you with your preferred meal and exercise plans to match your specific needs.

What is medically supervised weight loss?

A medically supervised weight loss program ensures you achieve permanent results in safe and effective ways. For effectiveness, the program considers your age, health history, lifestyle, and desired goals.

What is included in a weight loss program?

Before creating your weight loss program, Dr. Suri first evaluates your physical and medical exam. He also performs lab work to determine your health status.

At Nova Physical Wellness Center, a weight loss program consists of

  • Appropriate medication
  • Meal planning
  • Body composition testing
  • Behavioral counseling

A weight loss program guarantees you excellent results. However, the outcome may differ with different individuals.

Visit Nova Physical Wellness Center today to transform and achieve your desired body goal with their effective weight-loss counseling services. Call or book online to schedule your appointment.

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