Whether the sex life between men and women can achieve orgasm is a topic of mutual concern. Orgasm Facts Due to the different physiological structures of men and women, it is not easy to know whether the other party has orgasms during sex.

Who is More Sensitive Male or Female?

The definition of orgasm is different for men and women. Men will only have a one-time Orgasm Facts during each sexual act, usually at the moment of ejaculation; women can have several orgasms in one-time love. , And it can be continuous, or it will become stronger every time.

Orgasm can be divided into four different stages: excitement period, plateau period, orgasm period, and relaxation period. In a certain period, men and women have different reactions: for example, in the excitement period, men will soon be able to respond to desires and external stimuli. Excited; but women need a longer period of stimulation to be excited.

Women’s Orgasm Takes Longer During Partnered Sex

male and female counterparts may not be able to cooperate in sexual behavior so that both parties have an orgasm at the same time. Sometimes the woman is still not excited, and the man has reached an orgasm and ejaculates; some women pretend to have an orgasm in order not to let the man disappointed and embarrassed.

Does Orgasims help you Lose Weight?

Although orgasm is not a necessity of sexual life, if sex is not coordinated, it will often affect the life and getting along between men and women and Cause many problems.

Communicate and understand the needs of both parties

To get an orgasm during sex, the cooperation of both men and women is very important. Communicating more with each other and understanding each other’s physical and psychological needs will help enhance the relationship between both parties and achieve a fulfilling sex life.

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Blindly pursuing orgasm and lack of communication with each other will only add unnecessary troubles and ultimately fail to satisfy each other.

80% of women get an orgasm through masturbation

Woman Climax Signs According to statistics, only 30% of women get an orgasm from sexual intercourse, and more than 80% of women get an orgasm through Masturbation. This statistic sounds unpleasant to men. The doctor said that as long as hygiene is maintained, women will not cause harm to their bodies even if they are “self-satisfied.”

What is an Orgasim for a woman and how does it feel?. How many masturbation methods are commonly used by women? The following are the most common practices Orgasm Facts:

  • Massage the nucleus of the vagina with fingers or palms.
  • Repeat the movement of crossing your feet to press the vulva to produce pleasure.
  • Kneel down on your knees, and your waist moves forward with rhythm to make your muscles tense to produce pleasure. Sometimes you can put a pillow between your legs.
  • Use tools such as pillars to make the sex organs close to the pillars, which can stimulate muscle tension and get pleasure.
  • Stimulate the breasts or nipples with hands to produce pleasure.
  • Rub the vaginal opening with a penis substitute, or insert it into the vagina for piston movement.

Masturbation and Orgasm Facts is a normal physiological need and will not harm your health. However, you should avoid inserting objects into your urethra or vagina, keep your hands and utensils clean, and avoid infection.

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