With the increasing popularity of the hemp oil, which helps us receive the health benefits that the cannabidiol can offer, there has been a parallel growth in the number of brands and companies that offer CBD oils and its derivatives to sell. It is important to highlight that every each one of them is different, from the way they are extracted from the source, to their process methods.

All of this makes the flavor, quality, and purity very different even between the batches. For all of that, here you can find the Top 5 Things to Consider While Buying Hemp Oil.

1 Has hemp oil been tested?

It is very important at the time of choosing the hemp oil you are going to buy, that it has been tested in a laboratory to certify the quality and purity of the oil, especially if it has been done in an external laboratory to avoid a conflict of interests.

This is very crucial, more so if you are looking forward to buy one because you need it as a therapy for a disease. Sadly, with so many variations and brands there are also some fake products, or real ones but with the wrong tag, that proportioned different information from the real content of the bottle.

Usually, this test can be found on the website of the company to be seen by their customers. In case it is not, you can contact the company and ask to see it. Those that do well their jobs will provide you with it so you can dispel any doubt on their products, if they reject your petition it is a very bad sign and brings mistrust on them. 

On the other side, it is also important to know the date of the test. Because of its high expenses, some less diligent companies may skip it. The time when the test was taken can be found on the upper part of the report and then compare it with the date of fabrication of the batch to make sure that corresponds to the current lot.

2 Where it came and how was hemp oil cultivated?

Every producer has its source of royal CBD to make their products. Some will choose the hemp flower and others may try with the cannabis plant. In any case, it has to be noticed if the source is organic and non-transgenic, as well as if the plant was cultivated with or without any kind of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer that could be harmful to your health. If it says that it is 100% organic, it is free of any of the former, and without any kind of toxic substances.

3 What type of CBD has the product?

First and foremost, you need to know the kind of hemp oil that you will use according to your needs and the approved laws where you live. You have to inform yourself about the available types of Cannabidiol. CBD isolate refers to only CBD without any other cannabinoids, Broad-spectrum signifies that the product has CBD and other cannabinoids that are not THC.

Finally, the Full spectrum contains the complete extract from the source with all cannabinoids including THC. All of these types have their effects and functions, so it is up to you to choose.

Also, you have to be aware that you are buying the correct type. If the vendor sells it like CBD isolate, then in the ingredients described on the tag, there cannot be any other kind of cannabinoid, so be sure of what you are buying.

4 How was hemp oil extracted?

There are many ways to extract the CBD from its source, some are easy and can be done at home, while others are more difficult and require technicians to do it. What made this so important that was included in this Top 5 Things to Consider While Buying Hemp Oil?.

Well, in some cases, it is common to use solvents such as butane, hexane, or others hydrocarbons to extract the CBD, the latter needs to be cleaned thoroughly, so any residue of the chemicals used is eliminated since it can be harmful and toxic if consumed.

The cleanest way is using CO2 to separate the CBD from the plant. The CO2 disperses in the atmosphere and leaves only the extract. The other best way is using ethanol or organic ethanol, those are also some of the cleanest to use. 

5 What and how much of it is contained in the product and on each dose?

Finally the last thing we are going to address in this top is to consider what other ingredients, besides the CBD, the product has, and what their concentration is. Leaving the CBD aside, the hemp oil has a very strong smell and serves as the perfect base to contain the CBD, because it is easily absorbed by this oil.

Also, depending on your needs and the price of the hemp oil, the concentration of CBD can vary starting from 4%, which is the minimum effective dose. This means that 4% is the minimum concentration percentage that needs to be consumed to receive the beneficial effects of the CBD.

These concentrations although expressed in percentage means that for example, if the bottle contains 100 milliliters of hemp oil, there are 4 grams of CBD diluted in it. In the case of the dose, it will depend on the capacity of the pipette or dropper that came with the product, which usually can contain 1 milliliter. So, if the concentration is 4% and the bottle has 10 mL, each dose of 1 mL will have 400mg or 0,4 grams of CBD.

In conclusion, at the time of choosing the best hemp oil, remember this Top 5 of Things to Consider While Buying Hemp Oil to make sure that you are acquiring the product that fits your specific needs. Remember, make sure if it has been tested adequately, and that the quality is the best that you can find.

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