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Advanced Non-touch FUE Hair Transplantation by La Densitae – A whole new technique for successful results.

Dr. Gajanan Jadhao’s La Densitae is among the leading hair transplantation clinics globally. He provides advanced non-touch FUE. La Densitae’s AFUE technique combines FUE hair transplantation with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).

Our hair transplant surgeon in Pune will remove individual hair follicles from the donor site during this procedure. Then, the surgeon will leave the hair follicles inside the Platelet enriched plasma solution. This process helps to promote and nourish graft survival. Because of its Excellent results, it is the most popular hair transplant in Pune and several other cities.

Let’s take a closer look at AFUE hair transplantation.

How is the AFUE procedure carried out?

In terms of the follicles’ treatment at the procedure, advanced FUE differs from regular FUE. The specialist performs the AFUE surgery in the following manner:

  • Shredding and washing the head are the first steps in the transplant process. The surgeon then injects the scalp with local anesthesia.
  • The hair transplantation begins after the anesthesia has worn off, with our surgeon removing hair grafts from the donor site. The surgeon utilizes micro-punching equipment to extract the data.
  • The surgeon places these follicles in a high-protein growth serum (Platelet enriched plasma) drawn from the blood.
  • We design your hairline for graft implantation. We do this process when your hair grafts are within the enriched Platelet plasma solution.
  • The surgeon then implants the nourished follicles over the bald site as per the design to achieve natural results. For greater density, we plan to implant forty to fifty hair grafts per square centimeter.

AFUE recovery time

Below is an estimate of how long it will take you to recover following the surgery:

Day one: After surgery, you can return home the same day.

Day two: You will need to go to your hair transplant clinic to have implanted and extracted site dressed.

Day three: You should rest and remain at home.

Day four: You are free to return to your routine life.

Day eight: You need to return to the clinic to clean the implanted area, so no scars remain.

Yes, thanks to the AFUE technique, no one will be able to tell you have had hair transplantation after eight days. Dr. Gajanan Jadhao’s advanced non-touch FUE procedure is the leading hair transplant technique. It is leading in Pune, Kerala, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, and Nashik.

An AFUE hair transplant’s outcome

Hair develops naturally following an AFUE hair transplant. It goes through the entire growth cycle, from anagen to telogen. So, after two to three months, your first hair will come up in the transplanted site, with the total outcomes apparent after twelve to sixty months.

At La Densitae’s AFUE cost

We merge the traditional FUE method with platelet enriched plasma in advanced non-touch FUE. This procedure is also known as Bio FUE.

We charge between twenty rupees and twenty-five rupees p