Cell Phone Radiation Effects on Human Body

In recent years, the health crisis caused by the use of mobile phones has attracted much attention. Among them, the electromagnetic waves issued specifically to mobile phones can harm health and even cause brain cancer. Is this really the case?

Scientists in Europe, America, and Japan are devoted to research on the impact of long-term use of mobile phones on the human brain. There are reports that the electromagnetic waves sent and received by mobile phones can harm human tissues.

Mobile Phone Cause Brain Cancer, Trend Health

Because the radiation of the mobile phone can warm the brain tissue, long-term use will cause dizziness, headache, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and even short-term amnesia. Studies have also shown that if you keep your phone close to your head from time to time, you are more likely to cause brain cancer, hypertension, leukemia, and infertility.

The electromagnetic wave frequency is second only to microwaves.

The electromagnetic wave frequency of mobile phones in most places is 900 MHz (GSM) or 1800 MHz (PCS), which is ten to twenty times higher than other atmospheric waves such as radio or television stations, and Second only to microwave.

If the power of the mobile phone is low, it may not cause the brain to have a warming effect, and there is not enough substantive evidence to support the allegations of damage to health, which requires longer observation and research.

Keep a distance is the best policy

because the phone electromagnetic waves have much impact on the brain, now is still unknown, but the potentially dangerous cell phone is still there.

Although mobile phone manufacturers all say that the mobile phone case has anti-magnetic function, which can block most of the magnetic field radiation, so if you have the habit of using mobile phones for long-term calls, you should be safe first. Avoid mobile phones too close to the head. A lifting device is another option.

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