There is a shortage of qualified nurses and physicians all over the world, which has been partially brought about by the pandemic. Luckily, new technology is making it easier for hospitals to find the right candidates faster to meet the increasing demand for doctors and nurses. For instance, video interviewing candidates via healthcare interview software has assisted hospitals to find the best candidates. Virtual interviewing is beneficial in the following ways:

It helps to identify talent

The biggest challenge recruiters face is finding talented, qualified, and skilled candidates who can perform all the responsibilities and duties in the job description. However, when the hiring managers use video to assess their candidates, they can gauge the candidates’ hard and soft skills. This will enable them to move into the next stages with the candidates that are right for their company.

Tapping into top talent worldwide

Virtual recruitment enables the hiring team to reach candidates that are outside the city or country, thus widening their talent pool and getting the highest quality of hires.

It reduces the hiring time

The hiring managers in hospitals can evaluate and assess a high volume of applications without wasting any time. For instance, candidates answer the recruiter’s questions on video, which are then viewed by the hiring team. If one candidate does not fit the role, you can just switch on to the next candidate and focus on them. This helps to find the right candidates without losing any time.

It saves money

To get the best candidates, sometimes businesses need to travel to different cities, towns or countries. However, you can widen your talent pool virtually without breaking the bank. You can just connect with your candidates virtually.

Creating a convenient hiring process

Reputation is very important for hospitals. Therefore, if you use an outdated hiring process using social media videos to call out the candidates, it will give your health organization a positive reputation. Make sure to avoid inconvenient, unfriendly, and frustrating processes to candidates, you may turn away top talents in your field. On the other hand, a great recruiting process may attract many clients because clients share experiences with their networks. Virtual meetings help candidates to record videos from their homes, work in their own time and improve communication channels, thus speeding up the hiring process.

Reduces hiring issues or mistakes

When businesses make hiring mistakes, it can reduce the morale of the workers, affect the reputation of the business and cost the business money in the long run in replacement and onboarding costs. When businesses use virtual meetings to screen candidates, they can hire better candidates that have the right skills and cultural fit to accomplish the tasks. Candidates can list many great qualities on their resumes, and you can confirm whether it is true through the camera. You can assess their non-verbal behaviour and skills as well.


Hospitals can get the best candidates through videos which help them to reduce any hiring mistakes, save money, save time, create a convenient hiring process, identify talent, and tap into the world’s talent pool. In this modern era, businesses should embrace virtual technological recruitment processes to get the best clients.

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