Will I become forgetful when I get older? Watching your old relatives and friends have a bad memory, you can also help their gradual Improving Memory. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia.

Start to overcome forgetfulness in
life Paying attention to the details of life can help reduce or delay the phenomenon of forgetfulness:

1 Eliminate factors that affect memory Learning and memory are two sides of the same body. Distraction, inattention, fatigue, nervousness, anxiety or depression, lack of sleep, etc. will affect learning, and Improving Memory will be more difficult when you need to remember.

2 Multi-use reminder methods, such as bringing a notebook, asking others to remind, repeating the message or reading aloud, assist with sensory stimuli such as auditory, visual and language, and use several methods together when needed.

3 Categorizing Messages If you can sort and process messages, and then put related data together, it will be much easier to recall. Most of adult’s memory is acquired through coordinated experience, so it can be included in permanent memory more systematically, so the regression of short-term memory does not affect our work and life.

4 Related associations use the environment and similar sounds or images to enhance memory.

Tips for caring for patients with dementia

When encountering improper behaviors in patients with Alzheimer’s disease , you should try to change the incentives that cause the problems, and perhaps deal with these behavior problems more effectively.

Wandering around

If safety is not a problem, letting them stroll around is also a way to relieve stress. But you must consider getting lost and safety issues, and in some cases may have to limit their range of activities. Every time you go out, remember to hang your contact number, medical records, and a small amount of medications that must be taken regularly on the elderly. In case they get lost or become ill, police officers or passers-by can also help.

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Restless and aggressive behavior

Frankly speaking, if you really cannot cope, you may need to send the patient to a more comprehensive nursing facility. What we can do is to see if the patient has pain, discomfort, or uncomfortable clothing that makes them more irritable.

Try to avoid taking them to noisy places, and don’t let patients drink coffee and alcohol. Since the patient reflects the behavior of the caregiver, if the caregiver tries to turn violence into violence, it will often backfire.

Sleep problems

Encourage them to do more activities during the day, not to sleep too much during the day, and avoid irritating drinks such as coffee. Do not drink too much water before going to bed, and go to urinate before going to bed, can reduce the need to go to the toilet at night. Playing some light music will also help them fall asleep more easily to Improving Memory.

Inappropriate sexual behavior and sexual impulse

At this time, you should tell them that it is wrong in a calm and firm tone, but don’t react too strongly. Avoid too hot room, tight clothes and irritation from genitals. If the patient occasionally masturbates, we should try to preserve their privacy. If it appears on inappropriate occasions, we should take the patient away.

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