Everything You Want to Know About Migraine

To wake up every morning and to embrace a euphonic gift of good health and a sound mind is a gift beyond contestation. Migraine is in this beautiful state that you can face the day with a smile, and workloads would seem like a mere play. This is an example of a typical day free from stress and pain.

And nothing can be more stressful than having to work with a Migraine. So let us first define Migraine. It is a recurrent throbbing headache that affects one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision. This kind of pulse affects more women than men.

And according to recent statistics, there is only 6 percent of men that are affected by migraine compared to a total of 17 percent of women; and nearly 30 million people in the United States of America have Migraine. So what causes Migraines? The answer to this question varies to every individual who suffers.

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There are cases of infrequent attacks, and there are also people who have frequent recurrences of attacks like tension headaches, whose attitudes have been affected by such weakening pain. What then are the Migraine symptoms that we all need to know and remember? Well, one such primary symptom that we all need to know and remember is the intense throbbing and pain of the head; this pain usually extends up to one side of the head.

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Migraine Headache Symptoms

There is also the symptom of head pains with the occurrence of vomiting; for others, there are the visual disturbances that are affected. This may be felt between 2-4 days, and this in itself is very disturbing and, as such, weakens our body. Concerning visual disturbances of this condition, a patient may experience zig zag lines or flashing lines in their visions.

Others still lose their visual senses as well; it is for this reason that ocular treatment is required! In this sense, urgency is of the matter for such medical attention. According to Family Health www.trendhealth.org, a migraine sufferer needs to have a keen consideration and observation as well, because 25% of sufferers get warning symptoms approximately an hour before the occurrence of the headache.

Here are some of the symptoms. The feeling of being pierced by pins and needles in the hand’s neck and shoulders; another is the loss of one’s coordination; such passion may include disoriented feelings, and having difficulty in speaking. Other simple symptoms that need keenness of one’s observation when having a migraine are the increase of one’s urination, sweating, nauseous feeling or vomiting, light and noise sensitivity, and stomach ache.

Is Migraine Curable?

Indeed this is a condition that needs attention. And such Migraine treatment is a must! Such treatments are pain relief treatments and preventive treatments. So what are pain relief treatments? These are drugs that are taken once the discomfort sinks in. These are prescribed for reasons of discomfort relief and other symptoms as well.

And preventive relief drugs are those drugs that need to take regularly. The primary logic of this is to reduce the intensities of the agony. Lifestyle Check: Stress is a possible factor that may trigger such a weakening headache. Are you having enough sleep? Or are you eating insufficient amounts of food? These two simple are factors that can trigger a very intensive and weakening pain.

This means that if you are engaging into activities that can alter the time of your sleeping or if you are into diet plans that may help you lose weight but can be the reason that you develop a migraine then this may be the perfect time to stop! All these and more can help alleviate the discomfort brought by migraine.

Though there is no guaranteed and accepted universal cure for this intense head condition, excellent support from family and friends will be tremendously calming and relieving for the patient.

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