Staying in shape requires dedication and persistence. To get in a serious workout, you may need to use upwards of ten machines. However, what if we told you that there was a piece of Equipment out there to help you reach your training goals? No matter if you are a pro athlete or a diligent senior, the versatile Vector system may be the last piece of equipment you use.

The Right Equipment

You might be training to improve your endurance through a regular HIIT exercise routine. You might want to target specific muscle groups to tone up your problem areas. Or you could be looking for an easy all-in-one replacement for your free weights system for weight functional training equipment is critical.

Use the Vector to Train for HIIT

You can use the Vector system for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT training is a very efficient workout that you can complete in about 20 minutes, and with the Vector, you don’t need a gym membership to get in those sets.

With HIIT, you are putting your body through a series of very intense and repetitive workouts that use your own body and the Vector’s resistance to intensify and take these Exercises to the next level.

HIIT workouts assisted by the Vector are an excellent workout for those who don’t have a lot of free time to head to the gym. Cut out the commute and still enjoy an optimum workout from anywhere by Incorporating this versatile piece of equipment.

Vector Helps Athletes Improve Strength

Athletes can create new challenges for the muscle groups that they use for their sport. Whether you play golf, volleyball, or baseball, exercising with the Vector can help improve your ability to direct or accept force in your sport by building your range of motion strength within your already existing muscles.

Build Natural Movement Pattern for your Sport

The Vector system has been designed to work for those training for any sport. This system is currently being used by pro teams in all four major leagues to build strength in natural movements, which helps with speed, agility, and the ability to perform these quintessential movements with more power and strength creating a better game day body.

You can even take the Vector system with you while attending a sports event away from home. It is small enough to travel comfortably and can be connected to almost anything that provides stability like door frames, exercise equipment, and more.

Vector Helps Athletes Recover From Injury

Sometimes injury happens when we least expect it. Rebuilding strength and range of motion after an injury takes dedication and perseverance. The Vector system can also help increase mobility and help rebuild balance. This is key when rehabilitating an injury, as both of these keep you from injuring yourself.

With the Vector systems, you can quickly swap out your vector tubes. As you begin your recovery, an athlete can start with the lightweight tubes and then quickly and easily swap out for the heavyweight tool as strength rebuilds and improves.

Not Just for Athletes, But Physical Therapy Too

The lightweight and versatile Vector system makes it the perfect system for assisting those with limited motion or mobility. The vector system can be strapped to just about anything and can be used from a seated or stand position.

This makes the Vector system the optimum tool for helping people of all ages and physical ability to recover from a bodily injury like broken bones or neurological injuries such as stroke or cardiovascular instances. Take back your mobility with continued use of the Vector system and the guidance of your physical therapist.

In conclusion, no matter what you are training for, whether you are a pro athlete or a senior citizen looking to rehabilitate your muscles after an injury, whether you are looking for strength training or high-intensity endurance training. The incredibly versatile and transportable Vector system can help you reach new levels of strength, agility, and power for any of your training needs.

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