Are you prescribed high-flow oxygen therapy and are looking to buy oxygen concentrator that can supply a continuous flow rate of 10 Liters Per Minute? 

In this article, I am going to walk you through a list of India’s top 5 oxygen concentrators that provide flow up to 10 liters per minute along with their basic specifications including their outlet pressure, price range and unique features.

  • AirSep Intensity

The first oxygen concentrator on the list is AirSep NewLife Intensity. Imported from the USA, this machine weighs 26.5 kgs and is one of the most robust and durable oxygen concentrators in the Indian market. 

The best feature of this machine is that it has the highest outlet pressure of 20 psi. High-flow oxygen combined with high-outlet pressure ensures that oxygen penetrates deep into the patient’s lungs.

The price range of this oxygen concentrator is between 1.80 lakhs to 1.90 lakhs which is a little high as compared to its competitors but is still one of the best selling machines considering its trusted brand name.

The machine consumes 590 watts of power which makes it the most energy-efficient machine in the 10 LPM range tied up with Nidek Nuvo 10 LPM (600 watts) and Oxymed 10 LPM (610 watts).

  • Oxymed 10 Liters

Oxymed 10 Liters is the most reasonably priced high-quality oxygen concentrator in India. Leaving behind its American competitors Airsep and Nidek, this concentrator weighs just 24 kgs. 

Oxymed has the largest dealer network in India so the best thing about this machine is that you can easily find its sellers who will provide you doorstep service.

The price range of this oxygen concentrator is INR 70-80 thousands and its power consumption rate is 610 watts.

  • Devilbiss 10 LPM

The next concentrator on the list is Devilbiss 10 LPM. This machine is also imported from the USA and has an outlet pressure of 20 psi. Weighing just 19 Kgs, this is the lightest and smallest high-flow oxygen concentrator manufactured by an established brand.

Its price range is somewhere between 1,15,000 to 1 lakh 25 thousand and it is one of the most aesthetically appealing high-flow oxygen concentrators. In fact, it looks exactly like Devlibiss’ 5 LPM model with the only difference in weight and volume.

The machine consumes 664 watts of power which is slightly higher than its close competitors such as Airsep and Nidek.

  • Nidek Nuvo 10 LPM

Nidek Nuvo 10 LPM oxygen concentrator is the newest addition to the Nidek Nuvo oxygen concentrator’s list. It is an ingenious model having a huge network dealer in India.

Having an outlet pressure of 15 psi, this machine can cater to the high-flow oxygen requirements of the patients.

Standing at par in the competition, the price range of this oxygen concentrator is between 1 lakh to 1 lakh 18 thousand and its power consumption rate is 600 watts.

Its weight of 29.26 kgs is however a bit of a disappointing specification for us.

  • Yuwell 7F 

The last oxygen concentrator on the list is Yuwell 10 LPM. Despite having a weight of 33 kgs and a power consumption rate of 800 watts, this machine is a popular high-flow concentrator in the Indian market.

The brand Yuwell has been in the Indian market for a very long time now and all their machines are reasonably priced. Yuwell 10 LPM is available in the price range  95 thousand – 1 lakh which is much lower than any of its competitors. 

However, its outlet pressure of 5 psi is a major disappointment for us which is why it has slipped to the number 5th position.

This was all in the list of top 10 liter oxygen concentrators in India. Read guide to buy oxygen concentrator in India for further insight into the topic

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