As teens now have free access to all kinds of content on the Internet through their smartphones, Wondershare introduces FamiSafe Parental Control App, a reliable and customizable parental control solution that protects your child from violent sites and messages.

According to a survey, it is on average at 11 and a half that young American people acquire their first mobile phone. While parents could hitherto rely on their children’s addiction, granting them more autonomy generates fears among some that the smartphone seems to partially allay.

Reachable at any time, and especially in case of problems, teens would enjoy supervised freedom, watched from afar by parents anxious to watch them grow – a little too quickly.

Granting your teenager a cellphone, however, raises further concerns related to the very nature of the device. The threats present on the internet mainly concern young people, the internet generation is more than 80% connected. Here are the common dangers: 

– Unintentional exposure to violent or shocking images: Children are confronted on the internet with content that is not adapted to their age, for example on illegal download sites (pornography, violence, hate, etc.), by using search engines, by clicking on links received in mails. 

– Psychological pressures: The use of sites or communications software such as chats, MSN, instant messaging, etc. Fragile children can be influenced by malicious people, both minors and adults (sexual harassment, incitement to suicide, etc.). 

– Defamation and personal information: Writing on blogs and social networks means making public comments that may fall under the law because of their discriminatory, racist, defamatory nature …

– Addiction: Games on the Internet, consoles and computers can also become a severe addiction for young people which can lead to desocialization.

Predators on the internet: Chat, email, and instant messaging are tools that are widely used by sexual predators. The virtualization of the reports specific to the Internet promotes contacts but also intimate confidences and revelations.

You always have concerns about how your teenagers are doing and what they might encounter in cyberspace. There is always a possibility for anything, whether it is good or bad. Not easy when your teenager spends his days on his mobile, an unapproachable private preserve, locked in his room or on the mop with his friends.

This is precisely where parental control and location tracker apps come in. We are going to talk about FamiSafe parental control app, a great product from Wondershare that gives any parent a sense of security regarding all their children’s activities on the Internet. Famisafe functions like an invisible supervisor, ensuring all children’s activities can be monitored from their cellphones.

Ease of use and transparency for teenagers

The application consists of two modules, one to be installed on the parents’ smartphone, the other to be configured on the children’s cell phone. Synchronization between the two devices makes sure the continuous vigilance without requiring manual checks too often.

It’s not only about spying but also educating. Yes it is! With the installation of the child module on their smartphone, teens are explicitly notified of the current parental supervision. And to ensure full transparency, the app’s icon appears in the notification area while it is still running. The goal is not to spy on your teenager, but to provide him with a healthy and responsible digital environment.

FamiSafe, Swiss Army knife of parental control

Beyond its ease of handling and its educational virtues, FamiSafe draws its strength from the completeness of the features it offers.

The real-time location tracker apps module lets you know exactly where your child is at a given time. The geofencing tool and trip history perfectly complement this option, providing each parent with an accurate mapping of their teens’ trips. This helps ensure their safety outside the home perimeter and can take immediate action when they see an unusual detour.

In regard to this context, FamiSafe allows parents to lock their teenager’s smartphone remotely. A welcome feature when using the current laptop, for example. More flexible and with a view to helping autonomy, the application provides for the possibility of defining screen time limits.

This can be to allow access to the smartphone for a certain number of hours during the day, or to block its use for a predefined time slot. The creation of weekly routines facilitates the management of parental controls while guaranteeing a reasoned use of the screens.


– Monthly Plan: $9.99/month

– Annual Plan: $59.99/year

– Quarterly Plan: $19.99/quarterly

Finally, and this is surely the most important component of the application, FamiSafe actively fights against online harassment thanks to its filtering tools, capable of eliminating inappropriate results from a web search, detecting violent words in an SMS, WhatsApp or Messenger conversation, and to detect any suspicious photos.

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