Everyone will talk about how beautiful permanent tattoos are and how important they can be for different reasons. For instance, having the portrait of a lost loved one inked to your body can mean a lot. However, most people won’t tell you how big of a decision it is to get permanent ink. I mean, a lot of things can go wrong. And I’m not trying to be a pessimist in any way. The truth is, having the right tattoo inked adequately by a professional is excellent.

Most Common Reasons for Getting a Permanent Tattoo

The drive to wanting a permanent tattoo can arise from either positive or negative causes. Either way, most people get their inks to fulfill a given need. Some of which include the following:

  • In loving memory of lost ones
  • Love pact (name of your partner)
  • For beauty and cosmetic reasons
  • To celebrate your icon or hero
  • Due to peer pressure (to fit in)
  • For the love of art

Luckily for tattoo enthusiasts, today, the market has the best cosmetic tattoo machine that will make your permanent ink decision worth your while. Remember, getting a tattoo needs to be taken seriously and done with recommendable equipment. That is the only way you are going to end up with a permanent marking on your skin that you won’t regret.

Before we go deeper into the matter, I would love to discuss with you some of the most common side effects of getting a permanent tattoo. It is essential to understand what to expect to incase anything goes wrong. The good news is, with a proper selection of art and a perfect procedure, you can end up with a beautiful tattoo that will put a smile on your face and others for the rest of your life.

Side Effects of Having a Permanent Tattoo

Like I mentioned earlier, you need to be very careful and thoughtful about getting your ink. Most importantly, if it is going to be on your skin permanently. This applies to both having your first ink and an additional one. That is because of the following reasons: 

  1. You can get skin infections

Getting a permanent tattoo involver bruising the skin, which might open doors for different kinds of infections. Such side effects can result from a lack of hygiene and proper maintenance of your fresh ink. However, adequate care for your freshly acquired tattoo can prevent such problems. And in case of any infection, most of them are treatable with proper medication. It is, therefore, essential to contact a doctor in case of any infection signs.

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  1. Allergic reactions

People react differently to foreign substances coming in contact with their skin. The ink used in the tattoo isn’t an exception. Most people will get an allergic reaction to their skin after getting inked. This is common with the brighter shades of tattoo inks. This also can be managed, but it is important to be aware of it.

  1. Viral infections like HIV

Be aware of HIV infections before getting your tattoo. In this concern, it is important to get your tattoo from a professional. And by that I mean, an artist who knows the standard procedures of such sensitive operations. Your needle must be new and sterilized to avoid any form of infection.

  1. The MRI exam complications

Old tattoos or low pigment inks might be an issue if you have to get an X-Ray or any other kind of MRI scan. However, there can be more concern when it comes to tattoos and such scans. For instance, your tattoo can lead to a blocked image of the targeted area during scanning or even result in distorted image results. These issues can be very serious if your life depends on the MRI exam result.

  1. Social impact

All side effects of a permanent tattoo are not all medical or health-related. Tattoos have raised conflicting opinions over the years and still do even today. The thing is, having your skin covered in ink can either win you friends and attention or result in being shut out from your society. This, however, depends on your environment and relationship with it. It is important to consider how your ink will affect your social life before you have it on you permanently.


Generally, tattoos are beautiful expressions of art and creativity. Besides, if done correctly with a touch of expertise, they come out beautiful. Not to mention how important they can be if gotten for the right reasons. However, before you get your permanent tattoo, make sure you are aware of the side effects and how to deal with them.

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