Hair helps in restoring confidence and also enhances beauty. Some self-afflicted conditions make individuals lose hair, but other conditions they cannot evade. Dr. Martin Maag in Lakewood Ranch has made restoring the hairline more accessible for clients. He offers different Hair Restoration procedures that help manage your hair growth. Here is a discussion of the best hair restoration procedure that they offer.

1 Hair Transplant

Hair loss lowers an individual’s self-esteem, especially those used to having long hair. For this reason, doctors have developed a hair transplant surgery to help restore lost hair and self-esteem. Generally, a hair transplant uses technology to transplant hair from other parts to your scalp. It helps to thicken the hair effectively to rhyme with the actual hair that was lost.

Activities involved during hair transplant

If you are currently seeking a hair transplant. This is what you should be expecting;

  • Donor Hair Removal. Generally, during this step, doctors usually harvest the healthiest hair follicles from your scalp and use them during the transplant. The hair follicles harvested should also mimic the natural hair that was lost.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction. This procedure is mainly used to remove the hair follicle unit, grouping them in their respective groups of length and diameter. The hair is then transplanted in a unique way that does not leave a scar, as there is no incision.
  • Recipients Site Creation. This is a procedure used to create restoration design according to the client’s taste and preferences. The hair transplant procedure must suit the client’s hairline and goals.
  • Hair Graft Placement. This is the most crucial procedure during the transplant process. It involved the new placement of hair in the recipient site. A graft is passed through a medical solution to keep the hair follicles healthy during the whole transplant process. The graft is smoothly and accurately placed in the balding areas, giving you a new appearance.
  • PRP Injections. To enhance the growth of the grafted hair, doctors take a sample of your blood and centrifuge it to obtain concentrated platelets. The platelets are then injected into the body to help stimulate the follicle to grow the new hair.

2 Exosomal Hair Restoration

This procedure is used to repair damaged cells and stimulate new cell growth. It also restores lost hair tissues. The process primarily enables the exosomes to regenerate cells in the skin and hair follicles. Read also hair extension

This procedure is amicable as there is no surgery required. An individual does not experience any pain and can continue with their daily routine immediately after the treatment is completely done. During this procedure, a doctor usually examines the client’s scalp and hair to determine if the process is suitable. After this, an exosome injection is injected into the scalp, where it stimulates hair growth.

Get Hair Restoration Today

Hair growth slows as we age. Revert your hair to what it once was and restore your confidence. Visit Hair Transplant Specialists and Physician Hair Loss Specialists who are located in Bradenton, FL. Dr. Martin Maag will assess and choose the suitable method for your hair loss condition. Visit the website

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