What are Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are the main source of calories. They can be divided into simple carbohydrate and complex carbohydrate. The former is more easily absorbed by the body than complex carbohydrates, mainly in refined sugars (such as: sucrose, honey, candy, etc.), vegetables and even dairy products. Complex carbohydrates are mainly found in starchy foods, such as shells, bread, potatoes, wheat, beans, and vegetables.

Processed carbohydrates such as white sugar and white rice will lose a large amount of fiber content during the processing process, and also reduce nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. Therefore, it is advisable to eat more unrefined carbohydrates, such as whole wheat buns and pasta, which are better for health.

Main function

Provides most of the energy needed for the normal functioning of the body, especially the only energy that can be used by brain cells and red blood cells. The unused glucose can become fat and be stored in the body.
Carbohydrates contain some indigestible fiber, which has the effect of water absorption and liposuction, so it helps to clean the large intestine and lower cholesterol, so that the stool is smooth and wastes from the body are smoothly discharged from the body.

Recommended daily intake The daily intake of adults should be 55 to 60% of total calories.

Intake and problems

Adequate intake can reduce the risk of Cardiovascular Disease and colorectal cancer.

What is the main source of carbohydrates?

Dairy products
A cup of soft ice cream
38 grams
Fruits and vegetables
1 cup of green beans
42 grams
A glass of pineapple juice
34 grams
One potato
33 grams
A cup of corn kernels
31 grams
A slice of watermelon
27 grams
A cup of rice
40 grams
A hamburger
21 grams
A slice of whole wheat bread
12 grams
A piece of coffee cake
38 grams
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