Legal Marijuana is revolutionizing the US economy at the moment, thanks to the increasing number of states who have legalized the drug.

If you want to get in on the action, now is the perfect time—there are plenty of jobs in the marijuana industry for those who are passionate and qualified.

However, how can you know which job would be best? Here are some of the newest industry jobs that might be perfect for you!

Master Grower

If you’re experienced with botany or horticulture, you could make a good living as a master grower–it’s one of the most lucrative jobs in the weed Healthcare industry.

It’s a big job, as you’ll need to oversee all the growing and production processes, including crop nutrition, growing, managing pests, and cloning. You also may be responsible for ensuring the company is legally compliant, as the legalization of the industry has brought in plenty of rules and regulations.


If you’re a friendly, social person who enjoys working with people, you may find success as a budtender. Simply put, it’s like a bartender—but for buds.

Working at the counter of a distillery, you’ll recommend strains and products to customers as they come in. To do this, you’ll need to know all of the flavors and strains well, so that you can help each customer find what they need.

This job often gets good tips as well. If this role interests you, learn how to get a job at a dispensary. Or, if your dispensary delivers, you can make good tips working as courier, delivering products to customers.


With retail or customer service experience, you have a good chance of getting a job as a cashier. In this job, you may greet customers, help them find what they need, and verify their prescriptions or ID.

You’ll also ring up purchases from customers. It may be considered an entry-level role, but it can lead to promotions once you’ve proved your skills.

Trimming and Harvesting Marijuana

Another job that lets you work directly with the plants is trimming and harvesting. You’ll trim plants as they grow and remove buds from stems after they’ve been harvested.

Working in this role requires accuracy and attention to detail, along with speed. It’s a fun and rewarding job, especially if you’re looking for a physical role that lets you work with your hands each day.

Find Work in the Marijuana Industry Today

Now is one of the most exciting times to get involved in the marijuana industry, as it’s booming. If you’re ready for a career change, consider the jobs above and work out which role would best suit your interests and skills.

Then, start applying for work. While there is a lot of competition, you’re sure to find success if you keep at it and demonstrate professionalism and willingness to learn in interviews.

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