What does Vaginal Dryness feel like?

Sexual intercourse may not always be a pleasurable experience for a couple as there are times when certain conditions or problems get in the way of optimum sexual satisfaction. In some cases, Vaginal Dryness Problem has to do with the man, such as when he is suffering from impotence, Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation.

At times, it may be on the woman’s part in which the sexual frustration can be attributed to. Often, the problem may be low libido either for the man or of the woman which can be traced to physiological or psychological factors. There is basically an endless list of possible reasons as to why sexual intercourse becomes a failure, and one of them is VaginalDryness.

Is Vaginal Dryness normal?

Yes, Vaginal Dryness occurs when there is lack of moisture in the vagina, and due to insufficient lubrication, it may be painful for a woman to have sex. It is almost always noticed during intercourse in which there may also be itching and burning sensation. Although the condition is generally prevalent during menopause, there are other factors as well which lead to insufficient moisture in the vagina.

Hormones generally play a crucial role in the manifestation of Vaginal Dryness, such as when a woman has decreased estrogen level. Other than menopause, low estrogen level can also be instigated by childbirth and breastfeeding, an autoimmune disorder and after a surgical procedure in which the ovaries have been removed.

What causes Vaginal Dryness?

A woman must take careful notice of whether she has a bacterial vaginal infection as it can lead to dryness. The same can be said of a sexually transmitted disease. Those undergoing intensive medications such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy when suffering from cancer can also experience Vaginal Dryness.

Women who are depressed can be beset with low libido as well resulting to VaginalDryness. It is also one of the discomforts brought about by conditions such as diabetes. The trauma instigated by sexual assault or abuse often cause several psychological complications, one of them which is vaginal dryness.

Intake of infertility drugs and using harsh, perfumed soaps often strip the vagina of its natural moisture as well. A woman must also be wary when using condoms or diaphragms as an allergic reaction to them may lead to  dryness. A treatment recourse for Vaginal Dryness is often dependent on its cause, so it is best that the underlying condition initially be determined so as to find an effective treatment.

Common Treatment for Vaginal Dryness

Other than taking medications prescribed by the doctor or undergoing estrogen therapy, there are also self-care measures which can prevent or alleviate vaginaldryness. One of them is to wear cotton panties as this will promote proper air circulation.

Lubricants such as K-Y jelly may also be helpful for dryness and can make sexual intercourse less painful. It may also be best to avoid using perfumed or scented soap. A single application of moisturizer can also relieve Dryness for up to three days.

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