Pine pollen supplement or powder is the most potent superfood with ample nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, natural enzymes, and amino acids that contribute to the improvement of the body, increase the stamina, and strengthens our immune system.

The pine pollen is free from impurities, does not contain nitrates, pesticides, toxic substances, and is biologically stable. The constancy of the composition of pine pollen favorably differs from other types of pollen harvested and facilitates us with medicinal purposes.

Pine pollen contains more than two hundred biologically valuable substances, while their percentage is higher than that of most other products.

The pine pollen includes nucleic acids, poly-and monosaccharides, 20 essential amino acids, among which 8 are essential amino acids, which is difficult to synthesize in the body independently and should be fed into it with food.

Medicinal properties of pine pollen

Pine pollen has a massive range of healing properties: 

  1. Pine pollen has the antioxidant properties that increase the ascorbic acid by 20 times and Vitamin E by 50 times. That is the reason why Pine Pollen supplements is successfully used both for toning and strengthening the body during the period of illness and rehabilitation after diseases. This natural medicine can be used as an immunomodulatory agent and stimulant, increasing the body’s reserves in the fight against stress.
  2. Pine Pollen supplement has blood pressure reducing properties, which helps in enhancing tissue respiration and increases the concentration of superoxide dismutase (SOD), which successfully shows itself in neutralizing free radicals. After applying pine pollen, the amount of lipofuscin in the liver, heart, and brain decreases. Lipofuscin – a substance formed in the body under the action of free radicals. As a result, cell resistance increases, their life cycle increases; however, the risk of atherosclerosis also increases. 
  3. Pine Pollen supplement also helps in improving the walls of blood vessels and helps to improve blood circulation. Pine pollen reduces the level of bad cholesterol, increases the nutrition of the brain, which prevents stroke and memory impairment, prevents psychasthenia. The therapeutic effect of pine pollen on capillaries enhances visual acuity, which may decrease diabetes and other systemic diseases. The anti-inflammatory effect of pine pollen prevents liver and kidney disease.

pine pollen powder, trend health

Pine pollen is used to treat diseases of the digestive tract: 

  1. The pine pollen extract stimulates the effects, increase appetite, and restores the healthy intestinal microflora. It also helps to prevent intestinal disorders, diarrhea, indigestion, and constipation.
  2. Pine pollen is used to treat anemia since this natural remedy increases the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood and enhances the processes of hemopoiesis.
  3. The anticarcinogenic properties of pollen, its resistance to radioactive radiation, and the ability to prevent radical oxidation processes ensure the effectiveness of this phytoconcentrate in the fight against cancer cells.
  4. Pine Pollen supplement is deservedly called a panacea for diseases of the bronchopulmonary system. It also helps to treats tuberculosis, blackouts on the lungs and chronic bronchitis, win an intense cold and cough.

Pine Pollen supplement in various diseases: 

  1. Pine Pollen supplement is a male pine inflorescence, containing all the necessary substances for fertilization of female cells and the birth of the new plant life. That is why pine pollen is a rich source of various proteins, minerals, vitamins, nucleic acids, and enzymes.
  2. About 30 essential minerals in the composition of pollen are necessary for the normal functioning of the human body, the flow of biochemical reactions. To take an extract of pine pollen or pollen in its pure form to restore the mineral balance is much more useful than pharmacy mineral supplements since trace elements are better absorbed in the composition of the natural product.
  3. In addition to the antioxidant vitamins described above, the composition of pine pollen is rich in vitamin D3, which is necessary for the formation of bone tissue. It also contains B1, which prevents heart failure and diseases of the nervous system, whereas the riboflavin present in it is essential for normal metabolic processes.
  4. Amino acids are also present in pine in a form that is biologically available to the body. Unlike protein proteins (meat, eggs, fish) that make up proteins that contain amino acids in a bound form, the amino acids of pine pollen are not bound into protein structures. Therefore, when ingested, they are immediately absorbed by entering the places of synthesis of new proteins.
  5. Valine, threonine, methionine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, and tryptophan are among the many essential amino acids that must be continuously ingested with food. From amino acids, as from bricks, the body can synthesize all the necessary structures – these are not only proteins of muscles, skin, and organs, but even proteins-enzymes that carry out general regulation.

Pine pollen and removing fatigue: 

Pine pollen as a stimulant to relieve fatigue and increase physical reserves of human health is used by professional athletes, as it does not contain components that are not missing doping control. It is proved that the Pine pollen allows increasing the endurance and strength during any physical activity.

If you want instant to relieve the symptoms of stress and reduce fatigue, it is recommended to eat pine pollen daily. It effectively fills the lack of strength in the elderly and helps to strengthen the immunity of the residents of urban areas.

Pine Pollen supplement and Slowing Aging: 

Nucleic acids in the composition of pine pollen are responsible for its anti-aging effect. After twenty years, the first synthesis of nucleic acid in the body is reduced, because of which a person begins to lose hair, the skin becomes flabby, the regeneration processes occur more slowly, which is a prerequisite for wear of internal organs and the development of various pathologies. Intake of nucleic acids in the composition of pine pollen inside helps to slow down these processes, prolonging the youth and health of the body – this is noted by Dr. Frank, author of the book “Diet without aging,” USA.

Also, antioxidants and vitamins that increase the resistance of cells to damage by free radicals prolong their life cycle and prevent aging. Pine pollen increases the level of Superoxide dismutase, reduces the amount of oxidizing lipids, and prevents the deposition of lipofuscin in the liver, cardiac tissues, fats on the walls of blood vessels. It helps in the prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases that are so common in older people.

Acceptance of pine pollen can increase the number of mitochondria in the cells and increase their energy supply.

Pine Pollen, trend health

Pine pollen and cosmetology: 

The skin well absorbs the free amino acids in the composition of pine pollen and enter into biochemical processes, supplying the cells with the material necessary for the synthesis of the collagen framework. In addition to antioxidant vitamins and regulators of biochemical processes in cells, pollen contains enzymes essential for maintaining healthy skin and tissue metabolism. The combination of vitamins C, E, thiamine, helps to increase the activity of the enzyme superoxide dismutase, which eliminates free radicals, preventing damage and premature aging of skin cells.

In cosmetology, pine pollen is used to lighten chloasma, freckles, and pigmentation, to restore local skin immunity, as well as to strengthen the keratin layer of hair, to make them healthier, shinier and resistant to mechanical damage.

Pine pollen and gastrointestinal function: 

Thiamine or vitamin B1 is part of one of the main metabolic enzymes – decarboxylase. It found in large quantities in pine pollen. Therefore, with regular intake of phytoconcentrate inside, the metabolism of carbohydrates improves, appetite and motility increases, and the bowel condition improves with dyspepsia of the upper part.

Magnesium and thiamine in the composition of pollen are also necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Therefore, the inclusion in the diet can prevent gastric and intestinal disorders that develop on the nervous system.

Pine pollen and liver protection: 

Hepatoprotective properties of pine pollen supplements provide its composition rich in enzymes, amino acids, proteins and minerals, monosaccharides, and other carbohydrates. Monosaccharides, when released into the liver, enhance glycogen synthesis processes, while pine enzymes and enzymes strengthen the liver’s enzymatic activity, have a choleretic effect, and improve its detoxifying function.

Due to its abundant protein and amino acid composition, pine pollen can prevent a fatty degeneration of the liver. The fact is that in the process of metabolism, 20% of the amino acids formed as a result of digestion processes move into the tissues for direct synthesis of new proteins, and the rest is necessary for re-synthesis in the liver. With a lack of protein, fat can accumulate in the liver, which provokes its fatty degeneration.

Acceptance of pine pollen allows you to quickly regenerate the liver after being damaged by toxins, alcohol, preventing cirrhosis.

How to collect pine pollen?

The flowering time of pine usually coincides with the flowering of apple trees in the middle of May. Male inflorescences as they mature from greenish become yellow, and after three days, they are spread by wind. Since pine belongs to wind-pollinated plants, its pollen is very light and quickly takes a great interest in airflow, and therefore the collection period is less than four days. In any case, to correctly determine the period and complete the collection of pollen, experience, attention, and efficiency are needed.

After collecting, pollen should be dried by laying out a thin layer on paper in a warm, dry room. After that, it is sifted to separate small scales. Use a minimum mesh sieve and a clean plastic bag. Additionally, you can filter the pollen through apron to get rid of the minor impurities.

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