Founder and Chief Academic Officer (CAO) Dr. Michael Everest sits at the helm of Residents Medical Consultancy, a pioneer in helping medical school graduates place in top residency programs throughout the U.S.

Dr. Michael Everest has more than 25 years of medical experience with an emphasis on graduate medical education (GME) and helping community-based hospitals implement growth strategies. 

He also offers guidance to United States and international medical graduates (IMGs) on how to get into residency with preparation, strategic training, and medical education.

His dedicated leadership has resulted in several residency programs benefiting from better accreditation outcomes and fewer citations to be in a category among the best GME training curricula in the United States. 

He serves as head of a fantastic team and is also a figurehead in the global expansion of GME.  Residents Medical accomplishes this by managing Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accredited programs and strengthening governmental health systems across the U.S. and globally.

Residents Medical Consultancy’s Commitment

This team of experts is committed to assisting medical school graduates in matching their dream residency or fellowship in a residency program regardless of age or where they are from. 

Every medical school graduate or current student who desires to continue their medical education by attaining a medical fellowship or residency in the United States deserves to do so.

In essence, Residents Medical specializes in advancing graduate medical education. This involves helping medical school graduates (USMGs), international medical graduates (IMGs), and foreign medical graduates (FMGs) in the United States get involved in residency via clinical experience, tutoring, and research. Residents Medical has a history of more than 25 years specializing in the area of Medical Education.

They take a revolutionary approach to training and transforming budding doctors into highly desirable candidates. This is done by offering a curriculum tailored specifically to the candidate’s needs. Additionally, the program addresses weaknesses and loopholes previously left unnoticed. 

Assistance Provided By Residents Medical

A picture of a medical school graduate meeting with a Residents Medical team member over a video call. Residents Medical

The program will assist candidates in obtaining a fellowship or a residency in a renowned university-based hospital. To accomplish this, Residents Medical provides the services of top-notch consultants who assist medical school graduates in acing interviews, crafting remarkable personal statements, and finding the best match for a residency program.

In addition, Residents Medical provides ACGME accreditation for rural and community-based hospitals. All hospital ACGME accreditation projects are monitored from start to finish. 

They customize an ACGME accreditation strategy to accelerate and approve an institution’s accreditation while maintaining the accreditation citation of the candidate free of cost.

To strengthen the healthcare systems of governments in developing countries, Residents Medical generates and sponsors initiatives to provide training at ACGME-accredited Greenbook programs to foreign medical students.

They assist in updating the health infrastructures of emerging governments to 21st Century standards. This is done by inspiring foreign medical students to undertake medical training in the United States and implementing their newly-learned skills in their home countries. 

This is viewed as an effective way to initiate positive and permanent change. Furthermore, the consultancy assists in solidifying infrastructure for foreign government contracts.

Programs Offered By Residents Medical

Silver Program

The silver program provides a firm foundation for a three-month hands-on United States clinical experience. It includes USMLE preparatory, interview preparation, letters of recommendation (according to evaluations), personal statement, and CV revamping. 

This is an ideal point to get the fellowship or residency application to a place where it is ready to be viewed by a program director. 

There is exposure to robust ITE and USMLE tutoring by top preceptors.

Candidates learn from these preceptors how to prepare for board exams. The preceptors have attained over 250 on Steps 1 and 2 and over 225 on Step 3 exams.

Gold Program

The gold program builds on the proficiency of Residents Medical in preparatory and education to assist in achieving the dream fellowship or residency for candidates with practical holistic rehabilitation.  

Candidates will be provided with an end-to-end enhancement of personal statements, CVs, and ERAS applications. This will enable them to showcase their newly-strengthened CV confidently. 

There will also be individualized weekly preparatory courses and access to live lectures, of which candidates will obtain recordings.

Candidates are exposed to practical clinical experience in world-class institutions with teaching hospitals accredited by ACGME.

With one-on-one interview preparation, candidates can capitalize on the one chance they will have to make a first impression with a program director. 

There will be three private one-on-one interview prep sessions, working with current or former Deans and Program Directors. These professionals have interviewed hundreds of residency candidates for their programs.

Their expertise will assist individuals in putting their best foot forward while applying to various programs.

Platinum Program

The Platinum Program is the most comprehensive program offered by Residents Medical for medical fellowship or residency. The platinum program integrates candidates into a residency program and prepares them with up-to-date academic credentials and clinical research. 

The Platinum program provides a path that guarantees candidates an interview at a fellowship or residency program accredited by ACGME.

It involves hands-on research tenure and an insured externship with a certificate awarded after six months. Candidates are exposed to opportunities to gain hands-on clinical experience in top-class institutions at teaching hospitals accredited by ACGME. 

Residents Medical does not offer any preceptor-based or tele-rotations programs. One hundred percent of the externships or rotations are in-patient and combined with an ACGME-accredited United States medical residency training program. Based on performance, letters of recommendation are provided.

There is also the offering of the CITI Research Program with Certification. Candidates can bring a wealth of preparation with specialized components in human subject research, statistical analysis, IRB, and clinical best practices.

Additionally, candidates will earn a sought-after CITI Research Certificate and become prepared for specialized medical academic research. The course is provided remotely, so candidates can get certified remotely from anywhere globally.

Dr. Michael Everest and the team at Residents Medical are committed to helping medical school graduates put their best foot forward and match with top residency programs across the nation. Visit the Residents Medical website or social media pages to learn more about their programs and services.

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