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What Are The Best Vitamins For Kids?

Vitamins may be frustrating for infants. There are so many questions: Is there such a thing as vitamin for “unhealthy” children? Need a vitamin containing iron? These are the Better Vitamins For Kids? Can children still require vitamins?

Why do kids require any vitamins?

Children grow and develop rapidly, which means they need more nutrients for their weight than adults do. Nutrients like omega 3 DHA fats are needed to promote brain growth and visual progress. DHA contributes to normal infant vision development up to 12 months of age.

Kids in play groups and classrooms are often subjected to a lot of pathogens and viruses mainly because of the amount of children they come in touch with and the usual low health knowledge of infants. Their immune systems do not evolve entirely and therefore need external assistance. It is essential to top up with a multivitamin containing vitamin C as it is necessary to help support their immune system.

Vitamin A is essential for the skin as well as for the immune system. Vitamin D is perhaps the most spoken of vitamin and is required for proper bone devel