What is Potassium?

Potassium helps maintain nerve health, a regular heartbeat, prevents stroke, and assists in normal muscle contraction. Dairy Products, Fruits, Vegetables, lean meat, offal, bananas, raisins, etc., are all Potassium-Rich Foods.

Recommended daily intake The recommended daily intake for adults is 2,000 mg.

Intake and problems

in General, Healthy People, Automatically the Excess Potassium from the body. However, Patients with Kidney Disease should pay special attention to avoid Excessive Potassium intake.

Foods Rich in Potassium

Fruits and vegetables
Potatoes 7oz
900 mg
1/2 cup raisins
570 mg
Grapefruit Juice 8oz
400 mg
A banana
400 mg
A cup of spinach
310 mg
A glass of strawberry
250 mg
A cup of watermelon
180 mg
Dairy products
Low-fat cheese 8 oz
500 mg
Fresh milk 8 oz
400 mg

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