Baby Eye Care

If I am to be asked the area which is often overlooked in a child, then I would have to say; “It’s their visions”. Our eyesight is a very precious gift from God, and for us to give the proper eye care is a definite must. Thus proper Baby’s Eyes Care should start from birth and must be maintained through out life.

As a matter of fact vision problems, is the number 4 disability problem in the United States of America. In the same vein I have prepared a few eye care tips for parents and how to administer proper Eye Care. The first step in children’s eye care is to protect your baby’s eyesight from direct sunlight, be it indoors or outdoors.

When you are indoors, position the cot of your little one with great care Baby’s Eyes. And when you’re outdoors, you need to raise the stroller’s hood so as to protect the eyesight of your child from sunlight.

Or if you’re carrying your baby, let your angel wear a hat, the logic behind this is quite simple; infants are still sensitive to direct sunlight, and doing so may damage the eyes of your little angel! The next step is to be vigilant in looking for a squint (crossed eyes).

It is a state where the child’s optical organ seem to look in different directions at the same time. It is my opinion therefore, that if you’re the parent, and you see that your precious angel has a squint; you should see an ophthalmologist immediately, because this will affect the visions of your child.

I call this parental Baby’s Eyes care. According to Pediatric Physicians, a squint can easily be corrected if detected earlier. Parents remember that your little one is solely dependent on you in this stage and as parent you need to be shrewd when it comes to the health of your precious angel.

In the case of your home environment; this eye care needs to be considered as well. Keep towels clean, simply because eyes can get infected easily. If I may suggest, you need to have separate towels; one for your baby’s face and another towel which is solely for wiping dirt like those in the areas of the mouth.

And as you clean the eyes of your angel, be sure to be gentle; wipe the optical organs of your child with utmost caring. Wipe them once or twice a day (one in the morning and another before bedtime), or if the situation would require you to do so. Another thing that may damage the eyesight of your little one is the baby’s nails; it is therefore important that you cut it for them.

Its primary purpose is for your baby’s eye care, because an infant tends to scratch their faces, and if damaged, then it could be serious, and cutting them will also protect your baby’s face. It would also be best, to put mittens, these will protect their visions as well. Lastly be in a lookout for any eye discharge, they can be symptoms of fever or any foreign object that entered your child’s optics.

If you see any, don’t panic, Relax and administer the right solution, that is if you’re knowledgeable, but if you don’t know any, immediately bring your child to his or her pediatrician. Parents remember that the eyes of your child, is the windows of their soul;

try looking at your little angels innocent eyes, they’re beautiful isn’t it? And no words can perfectly define the feelings of joy and bliss that you feel when you hold them and looking them in their eyes, right? Therefore treat their visuals like a priceless gem; after all, they’re the extension of you.

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