Bodybuilding competitions are getting popular day by day. A bodybuilder’s dream is always to build a fit and muscular body that could get highlighted in bodybuilding competitions. Now, Healthy Diets is mandatory to maintain a disciplined and healthy relationship with your body when it comes to bodybuilding. Only this way can a Bodybuilder see the overall Structure of look and Personality in their bodies.

An effective workout plan is important for Fitness Enthusiasts to improve the fitness for bodybuilding competition prep. In a bodybuilding competition, stamina, endurance, and mental health are more necessary than workouts.

Importance of hire personal trainer for bodybuilding competition prep

A beginner in bodybuilding needs to start following a healthy and proper diet for overall long-term benefits. For amateurs, maintaining a balanced diet is necessary when preparing for bodybuilding competitions. A proper healthy diet is important because:

  • The right food diet will provide vital nutrients to all the muscles of the body.
  • Taking unhealthy foods can collect more fats which can worsen health situations for bodybuilders.
  • Food is directly related to mental health. Good food will keep the mind fresh and build up self-motivation for the upcoming competitions.

Guide to improve diet for a bodybuilding competition prep

As you have read above the importance of a healthy diet, following some of the crucial tips before bodybuilding competition prep is necessary.

Here are some important do’s and don’ts to maintain a good healthy diet for bodybuilders.

Firstlyt, the Do’s-

  • Calorie intake

Usually, competition preparations need a 3-4 months diet plan. Beginners should focus more on weight gain by increasing calorie intake up to 15% for a month. In later months, reduce calorie intake for maintaining weight. If weight is excess, faster weight loss methods are to be followed.

  • Protein Intake– The recommended protein intake is 1.2 – 2.2 grams/ kilogram for a bodybuilder. For lean bodybuilders, the protein intake has to be between 2.3 – 3.1 grams/kilogram of their body weight.
  • Carbohydrate Intake– Carbohydrates are known to provide high energy to all muscles and tissues. For bodybuilders, it is highly recommended to do a carb intake of 4 – 7 grams/kilogram of an individual bodyweight. However, to maintain calorie deficiency, carb intake should be increased to 25 – 50 grams.
  • Foods to prefer– It is recommended to eat healthy foods to maintain overall balanced nutrition. You can take eggs, fish, beans, yogurt, and chicken or red meat as protein sources. It is also advised to take whole grains, starch-rich vegetables, and fruits as carb sources. Besides this, you can have nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils as healthy fats sources.

Secondly, the Don’ts-  

  • Don’t consume alcohol– Alcohol weakens the ability to grow muscles and de-stabilizes the body 
  • Avoid added sugars- High-calorie-rich food containing added artificial sugars should be avoided. They are present in candies, beverages, ice cream, and cakes.
  • Avoid fried foods- These foods contain a high amount of fat and slow down the body’s digestion process.
  • Don’t use steroids- Taking steroids for muscle build side effects on the body and increases the risk of serious problems in the body.

Final Words

When making a diet plan for a bodybuilding competition prep, one needs to keep in mind to follow all the important factors mentioned above. These points mentioned above are necessary for effective bodybuilding. Many dietitians and doctors have found the quantities of nutrients consumed after much research on many bodybuilders. Another thing, it is necessary to take prescribed supplements given by qualified doctors; otherwise, improper intake of supplements will affect the body.

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