Symptoms of pregnancy in first month

Early symptoms of pregnancy are often a curious topic for women. Those who want to get pregnant they want to know if it really worked this time, and those who undergo treatments for prevention from pregnancy want to know if they are not going to experience it. Nevertheless it’s important to be informed about the signs of pregnancy or symptoms of pregnancy to prepare likewise.

The common early symptoms of pregnancy are:

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Extreme tiredness or fatigue:

Even before your pregnancy test gives out a positive you may be able to gauge that you are pregnant; if you are preparing for one in circumstances where you experience fatigue and extreme tiredness too often. If you feel like giving up on your chores too quickly while everything else is just normal in your life, and feel like you need a break too quickly while you do something that involves exertion, you may call on your healthcare provider to know if you are pregnant.
Don’t brushes the feeling off until you find your belly expanding because it’s always good to know in time to take care of yourself accordingly.

Emotional ups and downs:

Pregnancy often calls for changes in your mood, experiences of moodiness and swings in your mood. This is usually because of the way your hormonal levels respond to your pregnancy. Pregnancy affects your physical and psychological conditions. Its affects almost all the organs of your body, the flow of your blood and may change your routine altogether.

Food craving:

You may find yourself eating a lot or your nose turning up to smells of certain kinds of food and even away from food at times, but much too often. Food craving is one sign of pregnancy. You may also feel hungry multiple times a day and in some cases you might even lose appetite.
Losing appetite is not healthy when you are pregnant and you should contact your doctor. Likewise eating too much or for two of you .i.e. your baby and yourself is not really needed but a healthy diet is the key.

Headache, cramps, and pains:

Pains of all kind ranging from headache, pains due to cramping, pain in limbs, backaches, and even itching in your rectal region are common symptoms of pregnancy. You might experience all these aches due to fatigue as well. Also the changes in your physical condition cause cramping.

Increased Urinating:

As the organs of your body respond to your pregnancy, you may find yourself visiting the bathroom much too often. Though urinating increases during the second and third trimester of pregnancy as your uterus expands and puts pressure on your organs but during early pregnancy the changes in your hormonal levels can also take you to the bathroom quite frequently. Get all information about early symptoms of pregnancy at Trend Health.


Nausea is a very common sign of pregnancy and when you are pregnant and particularly during the first trimester of pregnancy being nauseated if highly probable. This feeling of vomiting and nausea is also due the change in hormone levels during pregnancy.

Prenatal vitamins as they are prescribed by your doctors once you are confirmed of being pregnant can also cause nausea. For this doctors recommend not to take vitamins on an empty stomach. Morning sickness is usually experienced by expectant mothers and it is actually good because it indicates growing pregnancy.

Increased tendency to respond to smells:

You may find your nose responding to a lot of smells because miraculously when you get pregnant your nose becomes extra sensitive to smells. Smells can make you go queasy and at times you may find yourself being hit by them so badly that you may want to throw up.

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