Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

According to reports, Americans expended more than 11 billion USD on teeth whitening in 2015. This figure includes over 1.4 billion USD used on whitening products. There is a variety of teeth whitening products in the market but many of them contain chemical components to bleach the Whiten Your Teeth Naturally.

For many people, this is a reason to worry because of the toxic contents of such products. If you are looking for ways to achieve natural teeth whitening without using chemicals, this article gives you different options that are not only natural but also safe. Before going into how to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally?, let’s look at the possible causes for yellowing teeth.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Different factors are responsible for the coloring of the teeth. Some foods stain the outer layer of the teeth, called enamel. Also, plaque builds up on the teeth and this turns them to yellow. Usually, discoloration of this type can be easily treated with cleaning and natural teeth whitening mixtures.

However, yellowing of the teeth can be a result of the erosion of the hard enamel. When this happens, the dentin below the enamel begins to show. Dentin is yellow and is the bony tissue below the enamel.

The above are the possible causes of tooth discoloration. If you have issues with the color of your teeth and you would like to fix the issues, read this post to the end to know how to whiten your teeth naturally.

Simple Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective natural bleaching agent. It has been used for many decades to disinfect wounds. This is because of its potency in killing bacteria. Many whitening products that are available in the market contain a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Although there are no studies that indicate the effects of brushing or rinsing with only hydrogen peroxide, many studies have however analyzed toothpaste products containing peroxide.

The studies have shown that toothpaste with at least 1% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda significantly whitens the teeth. However, you should be careful about the use. It has been reported that overuse or high concentration can cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda contains natural whitening components that are also popular in commercial toothpaste. It is slightly abrasive and can be used to scrub the surface of the teeth. It also produces an alkaline atmosphere in the mouth, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Although there is no quick-fix remedy when it comes to natural teeth whitening, you can start to see some differences in the look of your teeth with time.

Try Oil Pulling

Oil pulling refers to washing your teeth with oil to remove dirt, debris, and bacteria. Research has shown that using some types of oils to wash the mouth can whiten the teeth, although this shouldn’t replace regular washing or flossing.

Oils that you can use for oil pulling are coconut oil, sesame oil, and sunflower. To use any of these oils for oil pulling, simply rinse your mouth with the oil for one minute after brushing and spit it out.

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Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

It is important to maintain good oral hygiene if you want to maintain white, sparkling teeth. You should brush and floss regularly to prevent gum decay, protect the enamel, and eliminate stains. Dentists recommend that you brush at least twice daily and clean around the back of your teeth and gums. Use fluoride toothpaste as this will help against tooth decay.


You can achieve natural teeth whitening with any of the methods highlighted above. However, you should not expect over-night magic. You have to be patient and consistent to see visible results.

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